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Division: SoapGoods Inc
Address: 1824 Willow Trail Pkwy, Ste 200
Address: Norcross, GA. 30093
Telephone: (404) 924 9080
County: USA
Certificate of Analysis
Product Name: Titanium Dioxide - Food Grade
Chemical Name: Metal Oxide
Descripton: Titanium Dioxide is a white, odorless, tasteless, amorphous powder that is synthetically produced.
Identification Conforms to Specifications Passes Test
Loss on Dry Maximum 0.5% 0.20 %
Loss on Ignition Maximum 0.5% 0.23%
Water Solubles Maximum 0.30% 0.14%
Acid Solubles Maximum 0.5% 0.26%
Aluminum Oxide/Silicon DioxideMaximum 2.0 Singly or Combined
Aluminum Oxide 0.0296%
Silicon Dioxide 0.04%
Arsenic (Leachable) Maximum 1.0 ppm 0.10 ppm
Antimony (Leachable)Maximum 2.0 ppm 0.082 ppm
Lead (total) Maximum 10.0 ppm 0.61 ppm
Mercury (total) Maximum 1.0 ppm 0.05 ppm
Assay 99.0-100.5 99.1%
Through 325 Mesh Minimum 99.5% 100.00%
Microbial limits: Total Plate Count less then 100 CFU/Gram
Yeast <10 CFU/Gram, Mold <10 CFU/Gram
Absence of e-Coli, Slmonella, Staph Aureus
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Meets Requirements
Crystal StuctureAnatase
Shelf Life Unlimited if stored in a clean dry area in the original unopened packaging

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