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Apricot Kernel Oil - Refined

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Apricot Kernel Oil - Refined, Safety Data Sheet

Absorption HIgh
Orgin (can Vary) The Far East in the Himalayas and Northern China. It is also found in Central and East Asia.
Botanical Name Prunus armeniaca
Extraction Method Refined and Cold Pressed [The cold pressed extraction method yields a higher quality oil (more vitamins, minerals etc) compared to extraction methods that use chemicals or heat.]
Color Slight Yellow
Aroma Low To None, Characterisitc
Viscosity Light To Medium
Shelf Life 6 Months To 1 Year
Vitamins Contains The Fatty Acids Oleic And Linoleic Acid And Is Also High In Vitamins A And E. Low In Saturated Fats.
Sizes less than, and including 16 Gal size packaged in individual Gallons.
For Example.
Gal size is 16 x 1 Gal Size.
Sizes of 400 lb and above in single large drum.
440 Drum is a single Steel Drum, delivered by truck only.
Synonyms Apricot Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Prunus armeniaca
SAP 0.134 Oz
Saponification Value KOH 0.188 Oz
Edible Not Edible. All our products are for external use only

This oil has a smooth light feel..perfect for using in my massages.
This oil is great for my creams! Absorbs easily without the greasy feel!
This is a great skin oil for the summer as it is very light & non-greasy.
This oil is great for lotions, lip balms, or soaps. It makes a very mild soap which is great for sensitive or baby skin. Use a 1-2 oz per every pound of oils in recipe.
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