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Argan Oil - Virgin

SoapGoods Inc
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Argan Oil - Virgin, Safety Data Sheet

Absorption HIgh
Orgin (can Vary) Morocco.
Botanical Name Argania spinosa
Extraction Method pressed and filtered through an organic cotton sieve, to extract the aromatic oil.
Color Slight Yellow
Aroma Low To None, Characterisitc
Viscosity Light To Medium
Shelf Life 6 Months To 1 Year
Vitamins High Levels Of Vitamin E And Saponins
Sizes less than, and including 16 Gal size packaged in individual Gallons.
For Example.
Gal size is 16 x 1 Gal Size.
Sizes of 400 lb and above in single large drum.
440 Drum is a single Steel Drum, delivered by truck only.
Synonyms Argania spinosa
SAP 0.134 Oz
Saponification Value KOH 0.188 Oz
Edible Not Edible. All our products are for external use only

I love their Argan Oil. However, I am forced to purchase elsewhere due to the $16.00 increase since my last purchase. They were already high, but they were close, so I didn't have to wait long to receive my order and the shipping charges were less. GREAT OIL, if you can afford it.
I can get this at my local health food store for $15.99 it is bottled and sold here in my city. I may want to see the quality of your's in the future. You may want to compare your cost for comparability.
In response to the last post...Soapgoods' Argan oil is actually less expensive by the pound than most places, at least the ones I frequent. It's just that they don't offer smaller sizes; I'll bet the prices you're used to seeing are for 8 oz or less rather than a pound.
It's not overprice. It costs more b/c it's pure. Argan oil should only have argan oil in it. If anything else is listed, then the argan oil you are purchasing is not pure. If you look at the price of pure argan oil like jose maran, you will see that actually Soapgoods argan oil is a good price.
Strange how this blossom (the picture shown) looks just like the blossom from the passion fruit vine that grows wild all over the place around here. Are they related?
I think the reason why there aren't many reviews for this is due to the fact that surprisingly, this oil is really overpriced at Soapgoods.
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