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Babassu Oil

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Babassu Oil, Safety Data Sheet

Absorption Low
Orgin (can Vary) Brazil
Botanical Name Orbignya oleifera
Extraction Method The kernels of the Babassu tree hard-shelled nuts are the source of the Babassu oil. Babussu oil is cold pressed from these kernels and available at wholesale prices. [The cold pressed extraction method yields a higher quality oil (more vitamins, minerals etc) compared to extraction methods that use chemicals or heat.]
Color Light Yellow White, Somewhat Transparent
Aroma Low To None, Characterisitc
Viscosity Medium, Solid At Room Temperature
Shelf Life 6 Months To 1 Year
Vitamins Babassu Contains A High Content Of Lauric And Myristic Acids Which Have Melting Points Relatively Close To The Body Temperature.
Sizes less than, and including 16 Gal size packaged in individual Gallons.
For Example.
Gal size is 16 x 1 Gal Size.
Sizes of 400 lb and above in single large drum.
440 Drum is a single Steel Drum, delivered by truck only.
Synonyms Undetermined
SAP 0.176 Oz
Saponification Value KOH 0.248 Oz
Edible Not Edible. All our products are for external use only

This is a great replacement for coconut oil and is very smooth and absorbant.
This oil is odorless, white and soft. The texture of this oil is very similar to coconut oil. It melts with the touch of the hand. I use it for my hair. It is really good for winter months, when your hair is the driest.
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