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Castor Oil - Turkey Red (Sulfated)

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I purchased this turkey red oil about a month ago..I just got to use it as I had some left from another supplier that I paid 3xs the amount for 8oz...this oiil is just as good I'm pleased & the shippi...
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Origin: India

Botanical Name: Ricinus communis

Extraction method: This is Expeller Pressed Castor Oil

Color: Dark Red

Aroma: Typical Castor Oil Scent, characteristic of Castor Oil, almost odorless

Benefits: Acts as a barrier or lubricant.

Viscosity: Thick, akin to molasses

Common Uses: Rubber, caulk, dyes, lacquers, pigments, hydraulic and brake fluid, lubricants, inks, waxes, polishes and textiles. It is also used in soaps to increase lather, so be sure to purchase this oil for your soaps. Food grade Castor Oil is used in candy, flavorings, as a mold inhibitor, food additives and in packaging. Castor Oil is a high quality lubricating oil and is not an edible oil. It can also be used in aromatherapy and massage. It can be used as an emulsifying agent as well.

Absorption: Stays on the surface of the skin. For better absorption, you can saturate a piece of wool flannel and apply to a specific area of the body. The application of heat will increase its ability to penetrate as well.

Shelf Life: 6 months to 1 year

Vitamins / Minerals / Lipids contained: It is a triglyceride wherein approximately 90% of fatty acid chains are ricinoleic acid. Other fatty acids it contains are oleic and linoleic acids.

Plant / Oil History: Castor beans are used as ornaments and art objects. The roots, seeds and leaves are used in traditional folk remedies throughout the world. Its name Ricinus was derived from the Latin word for insect. This is because castor beans resemble beetles in their markings and shape. Purchase Castor oil online today!

Plant / Oil Description: The Castor plant is a common ornamental native to the West Indies, is an annual plant and grows up to 12 m high. It has broad, deeply lobed leaves and has broad stalks. Its flowers develop into spiny capsules. Each capsule contains 3 seeds. When the capsules dry, they explode and scatter the speckled, glossy oval beans.

Plant Habitat: The Castor plant is an ornamental native to India and the West Indies.

Benefits: Castor oil is said to be a great help to those dealing with Rheumatism, Ricinoleic Acid as well as Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid are all found in Castor oil and easily penetrate through the skin, these acids help fight Rheumatism. Castor oil also contains a toxin by the name of Ricin, when administered in very low dosages this toxin can act as a germicidal. Castor oil also contains Undecylenic Acid which due to its disinfectant and germicidal properties is very useful in fighting skin diseases and other issues caused by bacterial or fungal infections. The two main causes of hair loss of fungal infections and microbial infections, castor, because it has fungicidal and germicidal properties is great for fighting these infections, in addition the oil contains fatty acids that prevent the scalp from drying out.

Storage: Place in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Wholesale Castor Oil, buy Castor oil by the gallon at Sales prices on Castor oil everyday!

Where to Buy: You can buy wholesale refined Castor Oil by the gallon at, your favorite supplier for bulk refined Castor Oil. Buy Castor Oil today!

Is it Edible: Our products are for external use only

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Customer Review

I purchased this turkey red oil about a month ago..I just got to use it as I had some left from another supplier that I paid 3xs the amount for 8oz...this oiil is just as good I'm pleased & the shipping was super fast. Will be ordeing from soap goods in the future of the list as favorite suppliers & I DONT have a lot ;) Tracey

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