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Hazelnut Oil

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Origin: USA

Botanical Name: Corylus avellana

Extraction Method : Cold Pressed

Color: Light yellow.

Aroma: Light, nutty, somewhat sweet.

Benefits: It is said to be a good choice for those with oilier skin. Hazelnut oil is well known for its astringent qualities. It is deeply penetrating and stimulating to the circulatory system. It helps to tone and tighten the skin, and is applicable for all skin types.

Viscosity: Thin however leaves a slightly oily film on the skin.

Edible: Our products are recommended for external use only

Common Uses: The choice with cosmetic manufacturers - particularly those wishing to explore the marketing possibilities.

Absorption: Medium

Shelf life: 2 Years.

Cautions: Our products are for External use only

Vitamins / Minerals / Lipids Contained: High in Vitamin E

Plant / Oil History: Hazelnut has been cultivated since Ancient times. Some archaeological findings revealed that nuts had been grown in China since 2800 BC which was known as one of the five sacred fruit bestowed to people by the God. Hazelnut was also grown by the Greek and Roman civilizations in the Ancient Times

Plant Habitat: American hazelnut is very winter hardy and has a broad climatic adaptation. It can be found occurring in moist thickets, woodlands, and border of woodland, in valleys and upland

Storage: Cool dark dry place, refrigeration after opening is recommended.

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