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Lauric Acid

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Lauric Acid, Safety Data Sheet


Lauric acid is inexpensive, has a long shelf-life, and is non-toxic and safe to handle. Thus, it is often used in laboratory investigations of freezing-point depression. Lauric acid is a solid at room temperature but melts easily in boiling water, so liquid lauric acid can be treated with various solutes and used to determine their molecular masses.

In vitro experiments have suggested that some fatty acids including lauric acid could be a useful component in a treatment for acne, but no clinical trials have yet been conducted to evaluate this potential benefit in humans.


Other Names: Dodecanoic Acid
CAS: 143-07-7
Appearance: A crystalline solid
INCI Name: Lauric Acid
Solubility: Soluble
Natural or Synthetic: Natural, obtained by the saponification of various oils, such as coconut oil.
Recommended Retest or Shelf Life: 1 Year
Storage: Cool Dark Dry, Tightly Closed.


Not for Ingestion.

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Safety Data Sheet (Lauric-Acid.pdf, 119 Kb) [Download]