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Palm Kernel Oil - Refined

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There is simply no comparison between the Palm Kernel Oil from Soap Goods and that of several other vendors from whom I used to purchase this base oil. Creamy and fresh, this PKO consistently imparts ...
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Origin: Africa and parts of Asia

Botanical Name: Elaeis guinensis

Extraction method: Expeller pressed from the nut or kernel of palms. [The oil is extracted in a high pressure environment. The high pressure is necessary to obtain oil from thick nuts and seeds.]

Color: Yellowish - white

Aroma: Mild

Benefits: Appears to have anti-aging properties and reduces wrinkles, can also be used to treat wounds.

Viscosity: Solid at room temperature, runny liquid when warmed.

Common Uses: It is used in candle-making, foods such as margarine, confectionary items and the formulations of skin care products, sun care products and makeup. It is most common in handmade soap as it increases lather and hardness within the soap. It also is added to other body care products for its moisturizing qualities.

Resembles Coconut Oil in its formulation of fatty acids and characteristics and so is used as a cost effective substitute in the production of soap. It is also used in the detergent industry because of the richness of its lauric acid content which is used in the synthesis of lauryl alcohol for detergents. Can also be used in perfume industries.

Absorption: Leaves greasy residue

Shelf Life: 2-4 years

Cautions: For external use only.

Vitamins / Minerals / Lipids contained: Resembles Coconut Oil in its formulation of fatty acids. It is very high in saturated fat, being about 50 to 80% and contains mainly lauric acid. Can also be used as a substitute for Cocoa Butter, Palm Kernel Oil is also high in olefins.

Plant / Oil History: Palm oil, which is different from Palm Kernel Oil, was long used in West African countries as cooking oil. Palm oil eventually became popular with British traders. In the turn of the 20th century the first plantations were established and operated by British plantation owners. Malaysian companies began to create large plantations in the 1960's and 1970's although this palm had been growing there since 1910.

Plant / Oil Description: The palm is native to West Africa. Matured trees can grow up to 20 m tall and are single stemmed. The leaves are pinnate shaped and can reach between 3-5 m in length. A young tree can produce 30 leaves in a year. Trees over 10 years old are considered established and can produce 20 leaves a year. The flowers of this plant are produced in clusters which are dense.

Each flower is small and has three sepals and three petals. The fruit which this plant bares takes around 5-6 months to mature. The outer layer is oily and is the pericarp. In the fruit is a single seed or kernel which is rich in oil. Propagation is created by sowing the seeds. Palm Kernel Oil is derived from the seeds of this plant while Palm Oil is derived from the fleshy part of the fruit.

Plant Habitat: The palm prefers soils with good drainage and a pH level between 4 -7. It can tolerate periodic flooding or high water tables. It thrives in wet, hot tropical lowland areas with at least 6 feet of rain annually. The temperature preferred by this plant is between 80-90 deg F. It also needs 5-7 hours a day or direct sunlight

Storage: Should store in a cool, dark area.

Where to Buy: You can buy wholesale Palm Kernel Oil by the gallon at, your favorite supplier for bulk Palm Kernel Oil.

Is it Edible: Our products are recommended for external use only

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Customer Review

There is simply no comparison between the Palm Kernel Oil from Soap Goods and that of several other vendors from whom I used to purchase this base oil. Creamy and fresh, this PKO consistently imparts a luscious velvety texture to my cold process soaps while contributing just the right hardness to each soap bar. And you just can't beat Soap Goods' prices and reasonable shipping costs -- I'm now purchasing all my base oils from Soap Goods.
Works great in my cold-process soap making- Combine with olive oil to make a great hardness in your soaps!

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