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Sodium Coco-Sulfate

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Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Safety Data Sheet


Mild cleaners that boost foam. Anionic surfactant. Primary surfactant in shampoos, body wash, foaming bath powders.


Other Names: Sulfuric acid, monococo alkyl esters, sodium salts
CAS: 97375-27-4
Appearance: White powder
Solubility: Soluble
Natural or Synthetic: Natural, derived from coconut oil
Recommended Retest or Shelf Life: 2 year
Storage: Cool Dark Place


Not for Ingestion. Skin Irritant

I bought this to try and add a bit of lather to my detergent free shaving soaps. The product I received did not look like what is pictured. Mine was more like a beige and clumpy powder with some granules. If you mix it in directly to M&P it can be a little rough and act like an exfoliant. I ended up blending this to make it into a very fine powder. I do like it and it does add a little more lather to M&P base. The only cons are price, and there are no directions or suggested % usages. I may try it in bath bombs or bubble bars.
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