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Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite Clay, Safety Data Sheet

Synonyms: Sodium Montmorillonite, Calcium Montmorillonite, Saponite, Montmorillonite (Na), Montmorillonite (Ca), Bentonite, Taylorite, Wyoming Sodium Bentonite, Hectorite, Hormite Clay Bentonite Magma, Southern Bentonite, Tixoton, Volclay, Volclay Bentonite Bc, Wilkinite
Origin: Usa
State: Powder
Color: Light Gray To Off-White
Uses: Bentonite Clay Is Used To Thicken Lotions, Emulsify Oils And Help Hydrate Skin. It Is Commonly Used In Shaving Soaps To Make The Razor Slippery To Avoid Cuts To The Skin. Add To Soap At Trace To Help Oily Skin. Add To Shaving Soap Also To Provide Slip.
Description: Not Determined
Benefits: Not Determined
Common Uses: Not Determined
Shelf life: Indefinite But 2-4 Years Are Recommended
Storage: Not Determined
Cautions: Not Determined

This clay is a key ingredient in my award winning shaving soap found at I have never been disappointed with the quality of clays from Soapgoods
I love Bentonite Clay...I will be using this to deep condition my hair. What I do is take 2 ounces of the clay and add about 4 tablespoons of sulfur...Then I mix organic apple cider vinegar (can use water) in it until is becomes a paste...I then put this on my already detangled hair and leave on for 1hour...I then wash and style my hair...It clarifies my hair...removeing impurities, excess oils and products from my hair...leaving it nice and clean. I love this stuff...
This product is also good for detoxing...When trying to lose weight, I put this on my problem areas (stomach/thighs) and wrap it with plastic wrap. It draws out all the impurities out of my skin. Making these areas feel more smooth and look less bloated. Next time I will buy more of this, so I won't run out.
I purchased this clay to make shaving bar soaps. I've heard great things about this clay!
My husband and I recently started into soapmaking as a new hobby for us. He currently uses shave soaps and we were excited to get this clay so we can make our own. I only wanted a small amount of clay to start with before we purchased a larger amount for long term. I was very excited to see that Soapgoods was able to provide this soap at a very reasonable cost. Thank you!
This clay works wonders in my products. Great for absorbing excess oils and impurities. Thanks!
this clay makes a great shaving soap (i used the SLS free soap)! No razor burn or nicks! I used it to shave my legs, and it did a great job!
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Safety Data Sheet (Bentonite-Clay.pdf, 111 Kb) [Download]