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Similar to Shea butter contains many fatty acids, commonly used in lotions and creams, Soaps and Hair Conditioners

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An Extraction of Aloe Vera, suitable for use in skin creams and lip balms. Imparts the legendary properties of Aloe.
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May be used in all types of soap and toiletries. Improves moisturization on even the roughest skin
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Traditional African Black Soap From Ghana
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Appearance: Off-white butter Odor: Mild sweet Melting Point (deg C): 40 - 50 Iodine Value (cgI/g): 45 - 65 Free Fatty Acid (%): 2 maximum...

Get the healing properties of the classic chamomile. Completely Oil Miscible. Great for lotions, lip balms and bar soaps
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Commonly used in Body care, increase skin elasticity while permanating the air with a characteristic cocoa scent.
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Used in cosmetics and toiletry applications to reduce dryness, and improve skin elasticity. Relatively little odor

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Coconut Butter for Skin and Hair

Excellent spread-ability, ideal for a body butter, may be used in soaps, massage oils and hair care, skin care preparations.
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Cupuacu can help to fight wrinkles and dryness also helps to retain elasticity.
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INCI: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil / Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Hemp Seed Oil (Ultra Natural) is a refined oil obtained from the seed of Hemp (Cannabis...
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Helps to rebuild and regenerate the skin, contains flavonoids and saponins.
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Higher oxidative stability, exceptional smooth and elegant feel on the skin. Used in Cosmetics and Soaps
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Very faint odor, suitable for cosmetics. Relatively high melt point makes it ideal for lipsticks and balms, soap and lotions
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Produces calm and sedative effectives. Easy to use butter for any emulsion, completely oil miscible.