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Mica - Sparkle Violet

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Mica - Sparkle Violet, Safety Data Sheet

Description: The mica platelets are coated on one side with a lovely white pearl and the other side with a light violet, making this color an opalescent sheen of violet. It is sophisticated and looks amazing in both white soap (where it adds a hint of sophisticated violet sheen) and clear soap.
INCI: Mica, Titanium Dioxide
Notes: Sparkle Violet is safe for use in lip balms and eye shadows.

This is a gorgeous pastel; we used it in a 'mother of pearl' color scheme - very pretty & sparkle-y!
This provides a beautiful color in melt and pour soaps. It not only makes the soap sparkle, it tints the soap a very pretty violet. Color is mostly transparent unless used in large amounts.
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