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Carbopol Polymer

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Carbopol Polymer, Safety Data Sheet


Excellent Thickener, suspension and has stabilization benefits. Commonly used in Shampoo and body wash formulations. Shampoos, lotions, body washes, bath gels, creams. Excellent clarity.

Carbopol Polymer is a self-wetting, rheology modifier designed to be used as a thickener, suspending agent and stabilizer in cosmetic manufacturing. Its unique structure allows it to rapidly expand when added to liquids and provides moderate-to-high viscosity in skin care products. Carbopol polymer performs effectively across a broad pH range, making it a versatile ingredient for many applications.


When used in shampoo and body wash formulations, Carbopol polymer helps to suspend and stabilize beads, microcapsules and exfoliants for excellent product stability and visual appeal. It exhibits good clarity in gel formulations, along with providing a smooth, aesthetically pleasing gel quality. In creams and lotions, it helps to create emulsions with a rich and creamy skin feel. It can be used with confidence in systems where sparkling clarity is required and is ideally suited for use in formulations containing higher levels of oils, botanical ingredients, or humectants.


Other Names: Acrylic Polymer (Ultrez 20)
Grade: Ultrez 20
Appearance: White Powder
INCI Name: Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
Solubility: In Water Appreciable
Recommended Retest or Shelf Life: 2+ years
Storage: Cool Dark Dry, Tightly Closed.


Not for Ingestion.

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Safety Data Sheet (Carbopol-Polymer.pdf, 99 Kb) [Download]