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Chocolate Fragrant Oil

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Chocolate, Safety Data Sheet

Gender: F
Flash Point: Medium-Flashpoint Oil (198 Deg F)
Discolor: Medium
Liquid Soap: Yes
Melt & Pour: Yes
Cold Process: Yes
Candles: Yes
Gel Candles: Yes
Phthalate free: Yes, Phthalate Free

This is one of those fragrances I tried on a whim, but the chocolate soap I make with it smells so good that I have to warn customers that it's not for eating! Love it, and will definitely make that soap again.
This has a nice rich chocolate smell. I haven't decided how I will use it yet but I open up the bottle from time to time just to get a little guilty pleasure without the calories.
"Yummy chocolate fragrance. Combined with two other oils to make a lush, naughty valentine soap. Mix it in with some good soap and package it nice, because this one is so sure to sell out when you purchase this oil.

Who doesn't like chocolate?"
Very yummy. I just used this with my neopolitan bath fizzies. I used the chocolate with as the base. Smells like the real thing.
I made this into a body butter and added just a touch of vanilla. It was to be a special for a gift basket for the holidays and now I can't keep enough of it in stock! Everyone loves it. It turned out smelling like the most decadant dark chocolate frosting ever. Love this stuff!
A very realistic and decadent aroma! I put this oil in a sugar scrub to give as a holiday gift. Of course, I tried it out first and now I can't stop sniffing my arm!
I love this fragrance. I can't get enough of it neither can my clients. This goes nicely with the Cappuccino mica.
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2 Oz


Scent / Note
  • Chocolate
  • Soap Cold Process
  • Soap Melt and Pour
  • Candles
  • Gel Candles
  • Incense
Vanillin Content
  • 10% and More (high)