I love Soapgoods because it has everything I need for future projects. I find the newest products very interesting.
Great variety of supplies, but the lack of reasonable shipping costs for the home crafter is disappointing.
"Missing closures for lip balm tubes. Huff lids for jars came-in with liners, huff without. And the best at the end- I got a crystal acidic powder against one of my 4lb Shea butter jars, of course it's the last one and I open it on Thursday.

=====Soapgoods Response
We appreciate your business and apologize for this error. We strive to avoid order errors, keeping them to less then 1%. We have taken care of this customer and they have already placed another order."
"Hi, just a couple suggestions for the way you pack your oils, if you put bubblewrap around the bottles, they wont become able to break or caps becoming loose, & oil leaks out, & i thank you for sending me 2 new bottles of the ones that had gotton that way during shipping, also the labeling is not good , you can barely see the lettering on the labels for what they are, maybe a bit bolder with tape over it or something, just a hint to maybe save you some money, i dont think im the only one this has happened to, other than that i love your products, you are very quick with deliveries, & great detail on your products, i have loved all the products i have received from you, so other than those 2 issues, your doing a great job with your business! thank you again

We appreciate your business and interest in our products. Thank you for the kind words. We do bubble wrap the bottles, they may have come loose in this instance. We are also looking at new easier to read labels! Thanks again and we hope to continue to improve with your help."
I have placed three orders so far this month, everyone has been fast in processing and shipping they have arrived and is correct. I have had no problems, and when I was unable to personally pick up my first order, they adjusted the shipping and sent the order right out. The products are great, love them and will definitely order more.
I have ordered African black soap in a 1 oz size before taking-the leap to a full size version finally. Love the black soap from Soapgoods..I hv ordered it from amazon and it had rocks in it that scraped my skin.. If you are looking for a good quality African. BLack soap, Soapgoods is the place to purchase it. I trust the products I purchase from Soapgoods and took the plung and bought 4 lbs it..The shipping is kind of pricey which is why I tried another company to begin with but you can't beat quality.
I'm so happy to have a local supply of great quality products. I purchaseed a product in the wrong size and was immediately contacted with exchange options. Great service. Thanks Soapgoods
I have not been able to find Borax in my local stores anymore, I was so glad to find it here. It really makes a big difference in the soaps I make. Thanks..
Since I been making a little pamper spa stuff, I just can't stop. I love ordering from you all. Quick and fast in shipping!!
In April,,, I discover my 4 month old son,, has break out all of his body with a skin rash,, took him to the emergency room to found it was eczema,I was giving medication to treat it,, no results had to go back to his doctor because it gotten worst more medication still no results,, I bought black, coca butter and Shea butter today my now 6 month is completely heal from eczema there is no signs he ever had a skin problem,,, I recommend all there products especially coca and Shea butter
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