I love the fast shipping and the quality of every product I purchase. It makes me love working in my own business and it makes it easy to find great products that you can still find in the US.
We ordered TSPP to fix a problem we were having with hard water in our area, since "PHOSPHATES" are now "ILLEGAL" per the EPA in dishwasher detergents. We add 1/8 cup per dishwasher load and have noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of our washing cycles. Note that TSPP specifically binds to the iron (FE) in the water, making it softer. Our dishes are substantially cleaner!
I have nothing but great things to say about Soapgoods! I am new to the bath, body, & cosmetic industry, and their website has been extremely helpful for me. I stumbled upon their store while researching ingredients and comparing prices. Not only were they offering the best price, but it turns out they are right here in Atlanta! It is so easy for me to just place an order and go pick it up. I can have my item within a day or two AND avoid shipping costs. The employees there are incredibly friendly and helpful. They go through my order when I pick it up, double-checking that everything is there. I am so happy that I found this store and will continue to buy my supplies here!
Can we say impressed!!! Fast shipping taken to a new level. I placed my order on Saturday and Fedex came knocking on Tuesday. And the only reason why it took that long is because I ordered outside of normal business hours. I do wish that there were more color options because I make bath bombs and I didnt see many options but that could just be me not looking in the right spot. Other than that I sold!!
"After almost a month, I am still waiting for my order. FedEx ruined the box during shipment, refused delivery, and I have been calling and e-mailing Soapgoods to resolve the issue. No response on any of my attempts. They don't answer the phones and do not respond to e-mails. What is a customer to do? VERY UNHAPPY!

====Soapgoods Response ====
Unfortunately due to a technical difficulty this customers emails were not getting through to us. We were finally able to communicate with the customer and the reshipment was made the same day."
"I live locally and have had nothing but exceptional experiences with Soapgoods.com. Customer service is top notch, and I have even been surprised to find new ingredients on the site that I have inquired about. The hundreds I have spend here have gone very far and have helped me make beautiful high-quality products. Once those ""other brand"" items get used up, you know it will be only Soapgoods products in my stock!

Thanks so much Soapgoods :)
"I sell natural home cleaning products and I recently switched from another supplier to Soapgoods for some of the product ingredients and I am extremely happy with the products, the prices and the SUPER FAST shipping. I'm so glad I found Soapgoods!
Thank you
I love the knowledgeable and detailed explanations at length about products, Soapgoods is my go-to site for top grade ingredients!
"I have been very impressed with the products from Soapgoods.com. My first order was at my house with in two days and everything was correct. I have started making my own laundry soap with Fels Naptha bar, washing soda, and borax granular. I had been looking for these items to make laundry soap and Soapgoods.com had the items I needed at a good price. I am very please with the results.

I also purchased sodium hydroxide caustic soda lye to make bars of soap. I have not had the time yet to make this new recipe, but I am sure it will be great!"
I am so happy with my experience with Soapgoods. Allan, the owner, answers e-mails very quickly. He was there to answer my questions in person when I stopped by the warehouse to pick up my order. The staff is very friendly and their selection is unrivaled. You can tell they want to please their customers and make their prices affordable. Allan has been able to track down items for me that I have not seen on their website. I am so happy I found this place and I order from them very frequently.
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