I recieved my first shipment and was very surprise how quick my order arrived. I am pleased with the quality of both products and packaging. I believe I have finally found a true trustworthy company. Thanks for your services, I look forward to conducting business in the future.
"I purchased the unrefined avocado oil and compared it to another refined avocado oil I bought at another source, well, I used the ""other"" oil in one of my recipes and it was NOT the same!! Soapgoods has a far superior oil and I will not buy from anywhere else from this point on...I am so pleased with the selection and also the shipping prices. I did sooooooooo much research to find the cheapest shipping and Soapgoods beat out the competition hands down. I wasted a lot of time trying other sites just to come back to this one. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

VanTRESSa Naturals"
I absolutely love your web site!!! I was able to find everything I wanted and other things that I didnt even know I wanted!! The web site was so very easy to use, it made me a happy woman! Thank you so much for making my order process so easy!
I have a toddler so scouring the neighborhood for all the household products I need, at good prices, is just not realistic. Plus I prefer to spend my time doing other things than price comparison. So I come here to Soapgoods and find all my household cleaning and soap making ingredients in one place. I never have to deal with traffic and a cranky child which makes the shipping fees fine with me. The products are well packaged and labeled and are exactly what I need.
I love this shea butter, I buy both organic and east africa. This stuff has healed my son's eczema after 5 years of prescription meds!! I love Soapgoods!!
Many sincere thanks to Soapgoods! I own and operate a natural soap and beauty product business, and Soapgoods is my main supplier for my ingredients. I love that I can choose bulk or just a ttiny amount of a product. And the prices are incredibly reasonable! Also, thank you for adding the "Natural" section to the item descriptions. This information ensures that I buy only the most natural ingredients for my products. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
I asked Soapgoods.com to draw a wizard fighting a clown on my shipping box as a special request. They delivered, and have now earned a faithful customer.
Went to Dallas to visit my daughter last August 2010, she let me use some shea butter and I loved it and it works so well on my son who has dry skin. I tried to order today and you are out of stock so will you e-mail me when it is in stock again. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
I want to thank you for the great service Soapgoods provide their customers. I placed my order 2/22/11 evening & received the items 2/24/11.
I love the shea butter (west) I brought some in Jan. here it is a month later and I've spread the word to many of my friends and family. At the time I had alrealy purchase m&p soap from some where else only to find out you all carry it and at a better price my next order will be soon for some m&p soap. I'm so glad I found you all tahnks for good service and great products!"
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