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Fragrance Oils

  1. AF 2 By 4 By Yankee Type
  2. AF A Thousand Wishes By Bbw Type
  3. AF Agave Lime
  4. AF Amber Glow By Yankee Type
  5. AF Amber Romance By Victoria Secret Type
  6. AF Apple Blossom & Lavender By Bbw Type
  7. AF Apple Caramel Crisp
  8. AF Apple Cider By Yankee Type
  9. AF Apple
  10. AF Apple Jolly Rancher Type
  11. AF Apple Mango Tango Gain Type
  12. AF Apple Pie
  13. AF Apple Wreath By Bbw Type
  14. AF Axe Dark Temptation Type
  15. AF Baby Soft Cotton
  16. AF Bahama Fizz By Bbw Type
  17. AF Bali Mango By Bbw Type
  18. AF Bamboo By Yankee Type
  19. AF Bamboo Pear Tarragon
  20. AF Banana
  21. AF Barnie'S Coffee French Vanilla
  22. AF Barnie'S Coffee Irish Cream
  23. AF Bathos By Lush Type
  24. AF Bayberry
  25. AF Beach By Bobbi Brown Type
  26. AF Beach Walk By Yankee Type
  27. AF Beeswax And Propolis By Moonworks Type
  28. AF Bird Of Paradise
  29. AF Black Amethyst By Bbw Type
  30. AF Black Currant Vanilla/Sensual By Bbw Type
  31. AF Black Raspberry Vanilla By Bbw Type
  32. AF Blue (M) By Chanel Type
  33. AF Bob'S Flower Shop By Trapp Type
  34. AF Bourbon Barrel
  35. AF Brilliant Citrus By Bbw Type
  36. AF Bubble Gum
  37. AF Butt Naked
  38. AF Butterfly Flower By Bbw Type
  39. AF Calla Lily By Yankee Type
  40. AF Candy Apples
  41. AF Canteloupe
  42. AF Capri By Bbw Type
  43. AF Caribbean Salsa By Bbw Type
  44. AF Cashmere Glow By Bbw Type
  45. AF Chamomile
  46. AF Champagne Pomegranate
  47. AF Cherry Blossom By Yankee Type
  48. AF Cherry Blossom
  49. AF Cherry Lemonade By Yankee Type
  50. AF Cherry Mango
  51. AF Chiffon Peony Freesia By Victoria Secret Type
  52. AF Chocolate
  53. AF Citronella
  54. AF Clean
  55. AF Clean Mist By Bbw Type
  56. AF Coconut Cabana By Bbw Type
  57. AF Coconut
  58. AF Coconut Lime Breeze By Bbw Type
  59. AF Coconut Lime Verbena By Bbw Type
  60. AF Coconut Water By Bbw Type
  61. AF Coffee Latte
  62. AF Cookies & Mulled Cider
  63. AF Cool Tropical Breeze By Bbw Type
  64. AF Cranberry
  65. AF Cucumber Melon By Bbw Type
  66. AF Daisy Dreamgirl By Bbw Type
  67. AF Dancing Waters By Bbw Type
  68. AF Downy April Fresh Type
  69. AF Drift Away By Yankee Type
  70. AF Driftwood
  71. AF Dutch Harvest
  72. AF Eucalyptus & Spearmint By Bbw Type
  73. AF Eucalyptus
  74. AF Evening Air By Yankee Type
  75. AF Farmstand Apple By Bbw Type
  76. AF Fierce (M) By Abercrombie Type
  77. AF Flowerbomb By Viktor & Rolf Type
  78. AF Forever Sunshine By Bbw Type
  79. AF Frankincense & Myrrh
  80. AF French Lavender & Honey By Bbw Type
  81. AF Fresh Cut Rose
  82. AF Fresh Ginger Lime
  83. AF Fresh Linen
  84. AF Fresh Orange
  85. AF Fresh Peach
  86. AF Fresh Pear
  87. AF Fresh Picked Tangerines By Bbw Type
  88. AF Fresh Sparkling Snow By Bbw Type
  89. AF Fruit Loops Type
  90. AF Fruit Slices
  91. AF Fruity Bright By Victoria Secret Type
  92. AF Gardenia
  93. AF Georgia Peach
  94. AF Gingerbread
  95. AF Girls Night Out By Victoria Secret Type
  96. AF Golden Sands By Yankee Type
  97. AF Good Air By Yankee Type
  98. AF Good Day Sunshine By Victoria Secret Type
  99. AF Graham Cracker
  100. AF Grape Blow Pop Type
  101. AF Grapefruit
  102. AF Green Apple Orchard By Bbw Type
  103. AF Harvest Moon
  104. AF Hawaii Coconut By Bbw Type
  105. AF Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss By Bbw Type
  106. AF Hawaiian Ginger By Calgon Type
  107. AF Heavenly By Victoria Secret Type
  108. AF Hello Sugar By Bbw Type
  109. AF Holiday Apple Crisp By Bbw Type
  110. AF Honeydew Melon
  111. AF Honeysuckle
  112. AF Hot Apple Pie
  113. AF Iced Blackberries By Bbw Type
  114. AF Iced Cinnamon Rolls
  115. AF Iced Cranberry Muffin
  116. AF Island Fresh Gain Type
  117. AF Island Waters By Bbw Type
  118. AF Jasmine
  119. AF Jasmine Heart
  120. AF Jeweled Citrus By Bbw Type
  121. AF Jeweled Citrus
  122. AF Jingle Berry Wreath
  123. AF Juicy Grapefruit By Yankee Type
  124. AF Juniper Breeze By Bbw Type
  125. AF Key Lime Pie
  126. AF Kumquat
  127. AF Lavender & Vanilla By Bbw Type
  128. AF Lavender Sage By Moonworks Type
  129. AF Lavender Vanilla
  130. AF Leather / New Car
  131. AF Leaves By Bbw Type
  132. AF Lemongrass
  133. AF Lick Me All Over
  134. AF Lilac
  135. AF Linen
  136. AF Love Spell By Victoria Secret Type
  137. AF Macintosh Apple By Yankee Type
  138. AF Mango Mandarin By Bbw Type
  139. AF Mango Pineapple
  140. AF Mango Tango
  141. AF Maybe Baby By Benefit Type
  142. AF Mediterranean Cypress By Yankee Type
  143. AF Meyer Lemon By Yankee Type
  144. AF Midnight Pomegranate By Bbw Type
  145. AF Monkey Farts
  146. AF Mountain Lodge
  147. AF Mulled Cider
  148. AF Native Princess
  149. AF Nectarine Mint By Bbw Type
  150. AF November Rain By Yankee Type
  151. AF Oahu Coconut Sunset By Bbw Type
  152. AF Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  153. AF Ocean Fresh
  154. AF Olive Blossom
  155. AF Orange Ginger/Energy By Bbw Type
  156. AF Orange Sherbert
  157. AF Palm Leaves By Bbw Type
  158. AF Passionfruit & Guava By Bbw Type
  159. AF Peach Apricot
  160. AF Pear Blossom By Bbw Type
  161. AF Pear
  162. AF Pearberry By Bbw Type
  163. AF Peony By Bbw Type
  164. AF Peppercorn Spice
  165. AF Pine Needles
  166. AF Pineapple
  167. AF Pineapple Mango By Bbw Type
  168. AF Pineapple Orange
  169. AF Pineapple Orchid By Bbw Type
  170. AF Pineapple Punch By Bbw / Slatkin Type
  171. AF Pink Sugarplum By Bbw Type
  172. AF Plum Moscato & Almond Harvest By Bbw Type
  173. AF Provence Garden By Bbw Type
  174. AF Pumpkin Apple By Bbw Type
  175. AF Pumpkin
  176. AF Pure Paradise By Bbw Type
  177. AF Rain Kissed Leaves By Bbw Type
  178. AF Red Winter Rose
  179. AF Roasted Pine Cone
  180. AF Rome By Bbw Type
  181. AF Rose
  182. AF Saijo Persimmon By Voluspa Type
  183. AF Salted Caramel By Yankee Type
  184. AF Satsuma By Body Shop Type
  185. AF Satsuma Orange
  186. AF Sea Island Cotton By Bbw Type
  187. AF Sensual Amber By Bbw Type
  188. AF Serendipity
  189. AF Sex On The Beach
  190. AF Shimmering Sage Leaf
  191. AF Smokey Mountain Christmas
  192. AF Snickers Bar Type
  193. AF Socal Men By Hollister Type
  194. AF Spa Fresh By Yankee Type
  195. AF Spicy Apples & Peaches
  196. AF Storm Watch By Yankee Type
  197. AF Strawberry
  198. AF Strawberry Patch By Bbw Type
  199. AF Stress Relief
  200. AF Stressless
  201. AF Suede & Lace By Moonworks Type
  202. AF Sugar Plum Dream By Bbw Type
  203. AF Sun & Sand By Yankee Type
  204. AF Sunset Beach By Bbw Type
  205. AF Sweater Weather By Bbw Type
  206. AF Sweet Orange And Chili Pepper
  207. AF Tea And Cakes By Moonworks Type
  208. AF Tiki Beach By Bbw Type
  209. AF Tis The Season By Bbw Type
  210. AF Tobacco Rose
  211. AF Turquoise Waters By Bbw Type
  212. AF Vanilla Coconut By Bbw Type
  213. AF Vanilla Snowflake By Bbw Type
  214. AF Velvet Tuberose By Bbw Type
  215. AF Venice By Bbw Type
  216. AF Vintage Wine
  217. AF Violet Lily By Bbw Type
  218. AF Watermelon
  219. AF Watermelon Jolly Rancher Type
  220. AF Welcome Home
  221. AF White Pear & Fig By Bbw Type
  222. AF White Tea And Ginger By Bbw Type
  223. AF Wild Madagascar Vanilla By Bbw Type
  224. AF Winter By Bbw Type
  225. AF Winter Candy Apple By Bbw Type
  226. AF Winter Citrus Wreath By Bbw Type
  227. AF Winter Cranberry By Bbw Type
  228. AF Witches Brew Type
  229. Almond Biscotti
  230. Almond
  231. Ancient Sedona
  232. Applejack Peel
  233. Apricot Freesia
  234. Arabian Spice
  235. Baby Rose
  236. Bay Rum
  237. Beach Breezes
  238. Beau Brummel
  239. Berrywine
  240. Black Amber And Lavender
  241. Black Berry
  242. Black Raspberry Vanilla
  243. Black Tea
  244. Bonsai
  245. Buttercream and Snickerdoodle
  246. Cedar & Saffron
  247. Celestial Waters
  248. Chai Tea
  249. Chamomile Bergamot
  250. Chamomile
  251. Champagne
  252. Chocolate
  253. Christmas Forest
  254. Cinnamon Sugar
  255. Coconut Lemongrass
  256. Cranberry Sweet
  257. Cream Cheese Frosting
  258. Dragon's Blood
  259. Drakkar Type
  260. Energy
  261. English Rose
  262. Feliz Navidad
  263. Fresh Bamboo
  264. Fresh Linen
  265. Fresh Mango
  266. Fresh Snow
  267. Fresh Zucchini Flower
  268. Garden of Eden
  269. Gardenia
  270. Ginger Fish
  271. Ginger Lime
  272. Ginger Orange
  273. Gingersnap
  274. Grapefruit Pink
  275. Grass Stain
  276. Green Tea
  277. Heather & Hyacinth
  278. Hello Sweet Thang
  279. Herbal Essence Type
  280. Hollyberry
  281. Indian Sandalwood
  282. Island Coconut
  283. Jasmine Dreams
  284. Juniper Breeze
  285. Juniper Sage
  286. Kentish Rain
  287. Kumquat
  288. Lavender
  289. Lemon Verbena
  290. Lettuce
  291. Lilac
  292. Lily of the Valley
  293. Lime
  294. Marrakesh
  295. Matcha Tea
  296. Mayan Gold
  297. Moonlight Pomegranate
  298. Moroccan Fig
  299. Moroccan Mint
  300. Nag Champa
  301. Neroli
  302. Oatmeal Milk and Honey
  303. Ocean Rain
  304. Orange Peel
  305. Passionfruit Papaya
  306. Pepperberry
  307. Pineapple Cilantro
  308. Plumeria
  309. Pomegranate And Black Currant
  310. Pumpkin Spice
  311. Rain
  312. Red Apple
  313. Relaxing
  314. Rice Flower & Shea Type
  315. Rosehip Jasmine
  316. Sensuous Sandalwood
  317. Smoky Patchouli
  318. Soapy Clean
  319. Spearmint Eucalyptus
  320. Spellbound Woods
  321. Spiced Mahogany
  322. Strawberry
  323. Summer Fling
  324. Sun Ripened Raspberry
  325. Sweet Pea
  326. Sweetgrass
  327. Tahitian Vanilla
  328. Tropical Vacation
  329. Tuberose Moss
  330. Turkish Mocha
  331. Vanilla Bean
  332. Vanilla Non-Discoloring
  333. Vanilla Select
  334. Vanilla Vanilla
  335. Vetyver Bbw
  336. Violet
  337. Warm Vanilla Sugar
  338. Wasabi
  339. Watermelon
  340. White Ginger & Amber
  341. White Magnolia
  342. White Tea and Ginger
  343. Yuzu

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AF Blue (M) By Chanel Type Fragrant

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Uses: Candle, MP Soap, CP Soap
Flash Point (Deg F): > 200
Phthalate Free: Yes
Vanillin: Yes
Skin Safe: Yes
Scent Description: Crisp Citrus Notes Highlight This Aromatic Woody Blend Followed With Fresh Lavender And Jasmine On A Background Of Cedar, Musk And Asian Sandalwood.
Top Note: Grapefruit, Bergamot
Middle Note: Jasmine, Lavender
Bottom Note: Cedar, Musk, Sandalwood
Vanillin%: 0

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