About Us

Happily providing high quality soap and cosmetic supplies since 2006, and having a great time doing it.

Most businesses claim to have the best quality, lowest prices and the best service. If only life were that easy. We would rather be honest, you get what you pay for.

We are not the best at everything, if you need a lot of formulation help, we may not be the best choice, we can't help with formulations and recipes.

In fact we don't even have phone service, we only use E-mail's for customer service. Again for customers who need to hear a voice on the other line, we may not be your cup of tea. This helps us keep our prices low.

Also in many cases we may not even have the lowest price, you may find lower prices on other websites or with other companies, there's always someone cheaper.

Still there? With all of the rough stuff out of the way let's talk about why we are still in business!

Although we don't have phone service you will get quick replies to your E-mails with any information you need regarding your products or orders. Communication is not a problem at Soapgoods.

Our focus is on quality and consistency of products, even it it means charging a fair price.

Many of our customers are medium sized cosmetics companies and we believe they value quality above saving a few cents, or not knowing what they will get order to order. Our customers believe in high quality, consistent products first, and always.

Also our shipping is lightning fast, normally orders ship out the same day, for orders placed later in the day they normally ship out the next business day.

Looking forward to working together

The Soapgoods Team


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