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Frequently asked questions.

Why do you control the Sale price?

We set the sale price because it helps us offset our cost. There are many variables that become part of the sale price that only we can determine. This also simplifies the program for our participants. You will always receive your requested amount, regardless of our final sale price on our website.

What type of customer service do you provide for my products?
  1. We will provide customers any information that we have, for example, current stock available or a tracking number for an order.
  2. In addition, we are happy to provide customers with any information that you provide us. However, if a customer ask a question and we do not have that information. We will notify you, and you will be responsible for responding within 1 business day.

SoapGoods takes customer service very seriously, prompt answers to customer inquiries are a must. If a supplier fails to answer customer questions within 1 business day, this is a breach of our terms and conditions and could lead to elimination of your products from our website.

How do you decide which products are approved?

There is no specific formula. Approvals are on a case by case basis, and are entirely at our discretion.

We prefer to carry quality products in the beauty, personal care and cleaning areas. If you wish to sell car tires or tv’s you will probably not be approved. However your product does not have to specifically be in the above categories. For example, we may approve a really nice apron, a soap dish or any other kind of product that we feel our customers would be interested in.

However we will reject any products that we find may not meet our quality standards. This could be based on, but not limited to (bad reviews, customer complaints etc).

Who controls the product imagery and description?

We do, SoapGoods retains 100% control of description and imagery. We encourage program participants to submit imagery and product information. In many cases this is what will be used.

However any claims, and detailed information, for example, “ingredients” for a product that are submitted to Soapgoods must be accurate. If incorrect information is provided, responsibility is entirely the suppliers. Soapgoods accepts no responsibility for information provided that is incorrect or misleading. SoapGoods reserves full indemnification from any product quality issues.

SoapGoods maintains complete control of your product listing. Including pricing, images, content, video if applicable. We are open to suggestions but the final say is always ours.

How do you handle returns?

Suppliers are not punished for an acceptable amount of returns. If a product is returned due to circumstances beyond the supplier's control (customer changed their mind, etc). Returns are deducted from a suppliers account balance.

However if a product is returned due to quality issues or misrepresentation of the product the return and associated shipping cost will be the responsibility of the supplier. In addition suppliers who have an abnormally high number of returns may be eliminated from the program.

What is your phone number?

We do not have a phone number. We only use E-mail for communication. This ensures accurate records and enables us to offer programs like this for free by keeping cost low. E-mail’s are responded to promptly during normal business hours.