I have been a happy customer for over a year. Best service, close by, and great prices.
What a great experience, ordering supplies from Soapgoods! Super fast shipping, first-rate service, and top-quality products. I will return again and again!
I have been ordering from here for about 3+ yrs. After I complained that I couldn't read the label, from then on every order was packaged very poorly!, I NEVER got free samples of anything, it was like because I complained once I got on the bad buyer list or something, I read how alot of packages ate very well wrapped, not mine, they are ALWAYS (oils) rolling around in oversized bags with nothing to keep them from leaking , nothing on the labels or have come off due to leakage, so it's time for a complete new suppliers, good luck Everyone!
I am thrilled with the great customer service, Allan has always been very helpful and prompt. I am delighted I can get SFIC bases within driving distance for pickup, and if I have to have a small order delivered, it arrives the next day. Love the Sudzpoints program also! A+++
wow I still love these products. I done a lot of ingredient searching and I have found that this company offers the lost prices I've seem . Shipping and handling is a little high but I love the products......I look forwarded to doing business with this company for a long time. I would love to know about discount and coupons conceding that I order so much..
EXCELLENT PRODUCT! We develop soaps and bath & body products. We used to order a LOT of supplies and had them shipped in. Shipping is KILLER on heavy items. Soapgoods was a true gem of a find! They have the best prices locally. Plus, being able to go over and pick it up. how much better does it get. The employees that we have met at Soapgoods are the best! We actually gave one employee some of our Body Mousse and he told us that his daughter has benefited greatly from it. So happy to hear this. Great people and a great company!!!!
"I've been ordering from Soapgoods for at least 3 years. I like their products and the wide selection, but some oils I've searched for aren't available here.

I wish the shipping charges weren't so high and as a person who ships and receives lots of packages, I've seen lower prices for shipping. What good is it to find a great price if you're still going to pay more once the shipping fees are added on?

All in all, I don't order as much or as often because of this but I still recommend them to others because of the selection of good products."
I like the reasonable price. I also like the fact that Soapgoods is a neighboring state but shipping still was too much. I found another vendor that's 3 states away, a few cents more expensive but always has a monthly special that pretty much break even the shipping.
We are so pleased with Soapgoods products and service. Our experience is always excellent, from the user friendly online order process to the quick delivery. Thanks, Soapgoods! Great customer service.
I found out this product tighten skin collegen and get rid of eczema...so I had to see for myself...I can't wait to see results...this product came in 3 days ..love ordering from this site
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