I ordered from this company and never received my products. I have emailed, called and even had to file a complaint with the BBB in GA! When I call during "their" business hours I get a voicemail that is full and can not accept any new messages. I don't know if this is a shell company or a company that has gone out of business but never dismantled the company and still accepts payments with out ever sending products. I am very disappointed and I hope I get to the bottom of this soon. BE CAREFUL BUYING THINGS OFF THE INTERNET!

Soapgoods Response -

This Customers Order was lost by Fedex. We notified them but they would not wait for the Fedex investigation (1 day) (Fedex normally finds these) instead they made a complaint with BBB.

Its our only complaint in 10 years. :(
It's been over 3 weeks and I still haven't receved my kennel oil.480-388-9440

-Soapgoods Response.
Greetings Benjamin, we cannot find a order for you. We will contact you, please make sure you checkout completely, you should receive a receipt in your email.
I LOVE your products. You are my # 1 go-to for supplies. Thank you for making quality soap supplies easier to obtain.
I just love Soapgoods !! They make every effort to make sure I receive my supplies timely. The products are AWESOME
I have just received my first purchase from Soapgoods. I am very pleased with shipping and delivery. I order several different essential oils. I plan to make whipped body butters and bath salts for Christmas gifts.
Excellence customer service!
This is my first time ordering from Soapgoods and I am VERY happy with my experience. My items were shipped the day after I put my order in and I got the package exactly when the site said it would arrive, even with all of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness. All of my items were neatly packaged. I had never even heard of matcha green tea butter before I found this site but the stuff is incredible and I've been raving about it like a lunatic to anyone who will listen. Soapgoods, I love you. Don't ever change.
Allan and his crew have the best customer service. They work Really hard to make sure you are satisfied with your order and products. Soapgoods has a lifetime customer.
Estoy bien triste vivo a 1 min del almacen y no puedo ir a buscar mi pedido.
I recently started making my own soap and body butters and randomly found this company over the internet. Let's face it, you never know what you are going to get with internet shopping these days! I recently ordered four items and received them yesterday only to find out that half of my almond oil had been leaking everywhere! I snapped a few pictures and sent an email to customer service. I didn't even ask for a replacement (I would have if Soapgoods didn't offer one)and promptly received an apology email with a new bottle of almond oil already on it's way! Soapgoods has the BEST customer service! I will always buy from them!!!
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