I received my package very quickly. The items were well packed in its box. I will definitely use this site again.
LOVE THIS CASTOR OIL. I am almost out of the 8 gallons I bought this time last year. I use at close to 20 percent in ALL my soap. I infuse this castor oil right in the convenient bottle with various herbs and botanicals for color and therapeutic properties and after 6 weeks it's ready to go and is so stable. I just use a tea strainer to make sure none of the plant material gets into my batch which is not an issue as the majority sinks to the bottom.
Very Impressed!. First time purchasing and my order was packed and ready to send out that day. Quick delivery and very pleased with the product :) Will be coming back to get my supplies here from now on.
I spent a lot of time hunting down deals when I first started making perfume. Once I stumbled on Soapgoods, I ended up saving more time and money than I could have hoped for because they consistently have the best products with great prices. I am able to make more informed decisions by hearing what other customers thought of products before taking the plunge and going with new scents and materials. I would recommend Soapgoods to anyone interested in making beauty products!
"To whom this may concern:

I see on your site that the your warehouse has now changed to a location in Norcross. In one of my last emails, it was mentioned that it may be possible to make purchases in store at the new location or pick ups. Is this still a possibility for local customers? Just wondering because your shipping prices are a bit high for those who live in the area. Thanks in advance, I really like your products and services."
I love Soapgoods, the products are amazing. I was so glad to find this site for my business. I only have one problem, the shipping fee.
I really really LOVED that you guys were in my neighborhood: Smyrna, so that I could go pick up my order quickly. Now that you're so far away in flippin Norcross, I"m very disappointed. I can't drive that far, nor do I want to pay for shipping! Why couldn't you find space somewhere else in Smyrna??!! I'm really really upset about your move! Please come back!!!!!
"i can't buy till i know/find-out the exact differences between Lanolin OIL & Anhydrous lanolin??
"I have always enjoyed making bath products for my family, but it is such an expensive hobby. Luckily, I found this site!!
Now I own my own bath product company and I get to work at home.
Very fast, priced reasonably for great quality and very organized.
Also, I LOVE THE SUDZ POINTS!! I have cut some of my cost in 1/2 , doubling my profits."
"I just ordered for the second time, and will continue to order from Soapgoods. Incredible customer service, and the best products!
Thank you Soapgoods , You are the best!!!!!"
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