I must say, I only placed my first order today and I am already impressed! Unfortunately, I am used to waiting 7-10 days (with a rush) from my current supplier, which makes me anxious when I am facing an out of stock situation...to my excited surprise, Soapgoods shipped my order the day I placed it!! I will definitely be ordering from SW again.
Soapgoods, you are my inspiration. I have never been so impressed with a company before. Excellent quality products at a substantial savings! And great customer service and speedy delivery to boot... that's an unbeatable combination. You are such a blessing to me. I will be a customer for life.
I have to say that I have had the best experience dealing with Soaps Goods. As a new soap maker it has been one of the best vendors thus far when it comes to not only some of the best products but the best customer service ever. As a service provider that speaks volumes!! I had a product that had a bit of a change and emailed them concerning the change and I recieved a message the very next day from a representative with a name and a personal note and with a solution! Soapgoods you are great at what you do. Each time I order something I end up either re-ordering or ordering more. Experimenting with oils and butters is less of a risk because they are consistant. Thank you!!
My new favorite vendor! I don't have to pay a fortune for products or shipping. I'm very pleased and will be making many more purchases soon.
"Soapgoods is a great Company. I accidentally ordered wrong Lye . It was my mistake . I asked them if I could return after 4 weeks and they are issuing a credit.
Their lye, essential oils, Castor oils are all great. I have been using them for 2 years and have been completely happy with all orders.
Thank you.."
I LOVE the fact that they're right here in Smyrna and I can go pick up asap instead of paying for silly shipping costs! Great customer service and quality products! Thanks for settling in Smyrna!! You guys have everything I need for my new biz!
I am very impressed with the speed in which my items are delivered. The shipping charges are also reasonable. As a logistics manager I know what a good deal is in shipping and Soapgoods does not gouge us on shipping charges. It is refreshing to see a company stand more behind their products then behind fees.
The products were a great price for the amount. The products were also wrapped really well. I was able to smell and look through everything while my kids enjoyed the bubble wrap! Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!
I am starting my own bath and body business and this store DELIVERS! I am so psyched to get my shipments within 2-3 days of my order. It really helps me out a lot when people request special items.
I placed an order, paid for it, received an email from Alan thanking me for my order..it's been about 3 wks. and I have received nothing..what's going on??where's my order??usps isn't that slow..what do I do now??I need the supplies, if you can't fill the order, please let me know and refund my money.thnx, Sylvia
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