Sell with Soapgoods

Let's partner up, Soapgoods is happy to will pack and ship your products, even provide basic customer service to your customers.

In a Nutshell

  1. Send us your fantastic product!
  2. We Sell it
  3. You Get Paid!

Who this is for:

  1. Fantastic for the weekend creative who has a day job
  2. The shop owner who may not want to build a ecommerce platform, but believes they could make more sales online
  3. The business owner who is successfully selling online but is open to another stream of income
  4. Wholesalers looking for "ship and forget" distribution portal
  5. The Creative who loves creating quality products, but could do without the packing, accounting, marketing, customer service
  6. Anyone using Etsy, Amazon, Ebay to sell products. This is much better since we don't just list your product, we do the picking and shipping! We also don't have any fees.
  7. Do you what you do best, let us handle the rest.

Who this is not for:

  1. Someone trying to get rid of overstock (we are only interested in on-going product lines, no clearance, discontinued product please)
  2. Retailers, Resellers, this program is open to manufacturers and wholesalers only.
  3. Private Individuals, this program is open to businesses only, proof of business registration may be required.

What's the Catch?

We control the final price, you may decide you want $2 per soap, if your soap sells we will pay you $2 dollars per soap. If it does not sell at all in three months, we will pay to ship it back to you.
However it is up to us how much we sell it for, we could sell it for $1.00 we could sell it for $20 dollars or even $200. That's 100% entirely up to us, that's the catch. If we sell it for $3000 you still only get $2.00, if we sell it for $0.50 your still guaranteed to get $2.00.
If you need to control final pricing then this program is not for you.

The Benefits

  1. It's totally Free - There are no charges whatsoever, infact we do not even want your credit card nor any other payment method. There are no deposits, no storage fees, no commision, nothing. We do need some banking information only to make deposits INTO your account!
  2. Our Skin in the game - if you product does not sell we will pay the shipping to return it to you, this gives us a strong incentive to make sure your product sells! The more we sell the better for both of us
  3. Soapgoods handles all shipping, packing, and basic customer service. This is a great program for soapers / cosmetic makers with a day job!
  4. You will let us know the price you will sell your product to us for. We will most likely add some percentage this this (at our discretion).
  5. If we decide to discontinue your product, we will pay the shipping to return it to you (to your original address only, if you have moved any additional charges are your responsibility)
  6. If there are any damages in shipping / lost products, and we are at fault we will cover this cost.
  7. There are terms and conditions but no long term contract, either party, at anytime can quit the program. If at anytime you wish your products returned you can pay for shipping and we will send them back, simple! If Soapgoods wants to end the partnership we can remove your products from our website at anytime and ship your products back to you. We only want partners who are happy with us, and we only partner with suppliers who make us happy
  8. Take advantage of our over 20 years of ecommerce expertise, and a built in customer base with customers looking for product like yours.

Stuff you should know

  1. Before any product is sold, Soapgoods requires a free sample for testing
  2. Any and all product problems and issues are the responsibility of the manufacturer and not Soapgoods. Soapgoods is provided full indemnification from any issues resulting from provided products.
  3. You are always responsible for all shipping cost to ship your products and samples to our warehouse.
  4. If you request your product returned, or break any part of the terms and conditions you are responsible for all shipping charges to return your product to you.
  5. Our customer service is limited to information you provide us, If a customer has questions we cannot answer you will be responsible for answering these questions within 1 business day.
  6. Soapgoods maintains complete control of your product listing. Including pricing, images, content, video if applicable. We are open to suggestions but the final say is always ours. We may include your product in bundles or kits or even give it away for free. If we distribute your product in any of these ways we will pay you the price you requested.
  7. If your product expires it is your loss, Soapgoods is not responsible for returning expired product.
  8. Deposits are made at $500 of sales or on the 1st of the Month (if this is a weekend or holiday, this will move the 2nd or 3rd ...etc (the next available regular business day)
  9. It is your responsibility to ensure your product complies with all laws in any countries you choose to sell in

What kinds of products can we sell?

All products must be in new condition and from the manufacturer or wholesaler, we are not accepting close outs, used product, discontinued products.
Products that would sell the best are raw soap and cosmetic making supplies as well as finished products such as creams, lotions and soaps. Our customers value natural, near natural and organic products especially.
We are also accepting applications for all products that fulfill the above requirements. Applications are considered on a case by case basis. There is no application fee.


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Debra TamSing
AMAZING!!! When I am ready or when i finish my product for sure i will be contacting you all at ...
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Debra TamSing
Debra TamSing
AMAZING!!! When I am ready or when i finish my product for sure i will be contacting you all at ...
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