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Size: 10 Ml
Material: Glass Bottle
Parts: 1, Black Plastic screw on cap. 2. Plastic application roller. 3. Glass Bottle.

I have purchased one (20) package of these bottles, using them for both light and med-heavy oil mixes which are primarily perfume, cologne, and anti-age/wrinkle formulas. I can't speak to consistency between batches or lots, but performance and consistency within my first batch has been excellent. 15 (or so) out there with some of them carried in purses and/or luggage, and no reports of leakage thus far. Having received several unsolicited remarks on how the roller disperses evenly even with the medium weight oils, I can see no reason whatsoever not to recommend it as a very nice product, and a bargain at that.
I've bought these a few times. They're substantial for this price. And totally reusable. I'll keep buying from here.
these would be good for perfumes & lip gloss! & of course lip balms! need to get me some!
These little glass jars are very sturdy and durable, I am excited about using them for my newly formulated perfumes! What a great addition to my product line!
This is a very versatile packaging solution for aromatherapy & skin care products; it can be used for skin serums and anointing oils as well as perfume oils.
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