Scoop - Natural

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Size: 22ml or 1.5 Tablespoons
Plastic: Polystyrene
Total Height: 3.75"
Common Uses: Adorable Natural Plastic Scoop for your salts, scrubs & more!

These are great scoops. They are individually wrapped. Perfect for use with jars to prevent sticking dirty hands in jars. Also nice to give with bath salts. Buy these - you won't be sorry!
These are so cute! I package them with my bags of bath salts and customers love them! I really like that they are individually wrapped to keep them clean and sanitary.
This is a cute, little, and sturdy scoop. I use it for a body scrub I recently made and it held up well, and because the handle is short, it will fit inside most jars pretty easily. The scoop is rather deep for its size, so you can get quite a bit of product out. Also works well for scooping out wax beads or clay.
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