Disposable Pipettes

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Size: 7 ml
Description: An absolute necessity for those working with liquid substances. Accurate, high quality, and best of all, disposable! These are a cost-effective way to transfer your liquids without worrying about cross-contamination or spillage. No more messing w/tiny measuring spoons!
Material: Plastic
Total Height: 6.1 in (15.5 cm)

These have been great to have around the "soapmaking shop." I have used them for a variety of tasks.
I wasn't sure if these would come in handy or not. I have learned the absolutely do. Filling lip balm containers and measuring oils is sooooo much easier with these. Will be back for more.
So I brought more thinking I would never by them again! The only thing I dont like is that I have to keep buying more. They wear and tear easily! However, they do make the job of transferring liquids clean and easy. Lets face it ..Im not going to use a turkey baster.
Not sure what I would do without these! I use them for fragrance oils, essential oils, and for filling lip balm tubes. These are a necessity for me!
I really appreciate the picture because you get exactly what Soapgoods showcase. I really like this when I am using essential oils and mixing this potion and that one. It is awesome because it keeps things neat and I don't have to mix oils and smells and ruin the entire bottle. I have noticed that it is not too helpful with thick oils like myrrh, cade and other thick oils. Still a very good product.
They were exactly as I expected, I would order them again.
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