Stephenson Liquid Castile Base

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Stephenson Liquid Castile Base, Safety Data Sheet

A natural liquid soap base, certified by the Soil Association, Ecocert and USDA NOP. Requires the simple addition of certified essential oils for fragrance, and can readily be thickened with salt. This product has a noticeable natural scent.

Key Ingredients (INCI):
  • Aqua
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Glycerin

Product Characteristics:
A true liquid soap of Organic Vegetable Oil origin- surfactant free
Certified by the Soil Association, Ecocert and USDA NOP
Allows for the production of a certified organic liquid soap, if the converter/filler has organic certification
Has a natural translucent pale yellow color
Requires the addition of certified essential oils for fragrance
Readily thickened by the addition of common salt (Sodium Chloride) if required
To gain organic certification use salt tablets with no anti-caking agent
No Parabens
No Mineral Oil compounds
No Sulfates (SLS & SLES)
No Glycols
No Phtahlates
I like this castile base a lot! It is great in my natural cloth wipes solution as well as in a liquid hand soap that I make for my own use.
I have both this and the SFIC liquid soap base. This is more expensive, but it is thicker and stays on the skin better. I use this as a shower gel. I love that it is free from sulfates and surfactants, it does not strip your skin and works well for children because of it's mildness. Be aware that it can get cloudy if you add other oils or essential oils to it. It does not affect its functioning, but that is something to keep in mind. I recommend setting aside small amounts to experiment with. Also, it does not have a neutral scent- the best way I can describe it is a flat scent that is reminiscent of an oil. It is not offensive at all, but keep in mind that it does not go away, even after the addition of fragrance.
this also works as shampoo. I have a two year old with very sensitive skin, and every shampoo out there(even the ones from whole foods) would make her get a rash. This is all we wash her hair with now. So much easier than using a bar of soap. Plus, it makes her hair smell great with lavender EO mixed into the base. Works great on as a hand soap and for the body too! It's not listed as tear free, but we have got it her eyes by mistake a few times, and so far no tears or complaining.
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Safety Data Sheet (Stephenson-Liquid-Castile-Base.pdf, 68 Kb) [Download]