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Shea Butter - Refined

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Source: From Womans Co-Op

State: Waxy Solid
Color: White
Odor: Due to the refining process it is deodorized and has little to no odor.
Natural: The Shea Butter that we have is from the "Shea Butter Belt". This stretches from the Western African coast to the Central African regions in the semi-arid area of Sahel. Shea Butter trees are able to begin producing nuts at 20 years of age and will continue to do so for a long time, possibly even continuing until they are 200 years old. The nuts are found in the soft fruit of the tree and when ripe during the harvesting season (which spans from June - August), they will fall to the ground. They are then buried in pits. This type of burial will cause the pulp of the fruit to become fermented and disintegrate. This also produces enough heat so that germination will not occur.
Shelf Life: 1-2 years
Storage Directions: Store in a cool, dark area that is under 50 deg F.
Procurement: You can buy wholesale Refined Shea Butter by the pound at, your favorite supplier for Refined Shea Butter. This is only part of the extensive selection of wholesale aromatherapy, cosmetic, soap and craft making products available at Be sure to check out our entire selection!
Refining Process: Bleaching is done through a natural process using Diatomaceous Earth. This material is a natural clay sediment found in the ocean which absorbs the color from the product. This is a very gentle process and does not use any chemical bleaching, and can be done organically.Uses: Shea Butter has been used in various parts of Africa for its ability to heal and moisturize skin. It is used as a cuticle softener and skin softener and is used in hair conditioners, creams, lotions, soaps, balms, salves and cleansers. Shea Butter is able to be absorbed quickly into the skin and is excellent for dry skin, stretch marks, cracked heels, peeling (due to sunburn) and evening skin tone. It has been proven clinically to prevent not only stretch marks but to have anti aging properties and is able to promote the healing of burns while minimizing any scarring. Shea Butter can also protect against inflammations. If you do have a minor burn or cut you can apply the Shea Butter directly to it. You can also apply Shea Butter to sunburn to promote healing and to help decrease the pain from this condition.
Edible: No, for external use only

Other uses include helping to promote relief from eczema, reducing razor irritation and helping to alleviate rashes, including diaper rash. It can be used in hair treatments to impart a luxurious sheen to hair and to moisturize dry scalp. It is also able to protect skin from the elements and protect the scalp from chemical processing.

Shea Butter is excellent when used on dry skin and is considered to be possibly the most naturally moisturizing product that you can use. For those with sensitive and easily irritated skin, the uncolored and unscented variety of Shea Butter should be used. Shea Butter does not usually cause allergic reactions and therefore can be used on areas which are particularly sensitive such as the skin around the eyes and mucous membranes. Our Shea Butter is cold pressed which means that is has not been extracted using solvents and chemicals. This creates a product which is almost as natural as a refined type of Shea Butter can be. It is also non greasy.

Due to the ability of Shea Butter to be so well tolerated by the skin, it is an ideal ingredient to use in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It can be used in high proportions without fear of causing an allergic reaction and is an easy ingredient to add to many types of emulsions. It also makes a great carrier as it actually helps to prevent allergenic reactions without altering the active principles of the product it is added to.

Shea Butter is also used to relieve aching muscles and to treat rheumatism. It can also help to alleviate colds as it is able to decongest the nasal mucous membranes.

I bought the refined Shea butter because I suffer from severely chapped lips but have a tendency to develop allergies to lip balm. From everything I've read, in its refined form Shea is as close to hypoallergenic as one can get.

Speaking as someone that applied it directly to their lips, the product is exactly as described. There is no color, flavor, or scent, and it's very smooth. Not at all grainy.

Also, as a side note to anyone that might want to buy it for the same reasons I did (dermatitis, etc.) it doesn't burn on dry, cracked and chapped skin.

Soapgoods shipped my order quickly, and when I placed my order I was happy to find that they use USPS Priority Mail, and they do NOT hike up the shipping costs.

One last thing: I was impressed with the packaging. My half pound of butter was in a tightly closed plastic jar. The jar is sturdy with a screw on lid, perfect for storage. To me, that says they care about their customers, and the quality of product received, because I'm sure they could easily use a cheaper method for packing--and they didn't.

I will most definitely be a returning customer :)
Really love this product & the fact that it has no scent!
I love the shea butter refined. It has a great texture and there is no smell. Refined Vs. Raw shea? I choose refined. I can't stand the smell of raw shea butter overtime it smells worse. I love this product!
This product is an excellent base for my soaps. The texture of this is different than a shea butter that hasn't been refined, it's pure white, harder, very smooth (no graininess), slightly higher melting point, with an almost waxy feel to it. It's a wonderful product at a great price.
Thank you for creating a butter like this! I'm so impressed with this product.
Great prices and packaging and the best shipping I have experienced so far. This works very well in body butters. Great feel and no overpowering smell.
Super product! Great for multiple uses and needs. Always a must have.
This shea butter is amazing! I just purchased some from Soapgoods and made a small batch (35 tubes) of lip balm using the shea butter as my anchor emollient. I'm going to hand them out to all my friends. I was soooo pleased with the results and I'm getting wonderful feed-back. Rich and silky smooth. And one application lasts nearly all day. Thank you Soapgoods!
I had Just ordered From From all the amazing reviews I decided to buy it to make a body butter to find the link to for what inspired me to make it is in this review -_ -_ -_ -_
Searched for a better price and quality and was happily disappointed! The Shea from here is always well packaged, great quality, and melts better than anything else.
EXCELLENT PRODUCT! We developed a new product and wanted to use Shea. This was the best price locally. Plus, being able to go over and pick it up. how much better does it get. The employees that we have met at Soapgoods are the best! We actually gave one employee some of our Body Mousse and he told us that his daughter has benefited greatly from it. So happy to hear this. Great people and a great company!!!!!
Excellent product if you want to retain most of the benefits of unrefined shea butter, but cannot deal with the scent.
Excellent product! I purchased the 4lb jar, which was packaged well for shipping. I used this shea butter to create a whipped shea butter moisturizer - it worked wonderfully!
I ordered a one pound jar to try. It was nicely sealed for mailing which I appreciated, since it's currently in the 90's heat wise, where I live! Shipped just fine and was solid when it arrived. Not grainy at all and no real smell which is good for what I need. Good job Soapgoods.
I love the feel of this product and use it in my soaps. I also loved that it was packaged with the butter in chunks so it was super easy to measure out.
This is the ONLY Shea Butter I ever use! I am constantly selling out of my body butters and can thank my amazing sales to this awesome product! Thanks Soapgoods!!
I recieved this shea butter today and it is wonderful.I definitly will purchase it again.
This was one item on my initial order from Soapgoods and I have included it in every bar of soap I have made since receiving my order. I'm loving it. I have purchased shea butter elsewhere but from now on Soapgoods is my source. I'll be back for more!!!
"Great shea butter and its very creamy. I use this shea as well as the unrefine shea in my body butters as well as in my soaps. My customers are happy and so am I. So Give it a try and see for yourself.
Drea Horton(Mom Deaux soaps and bath)
McCalla Al"
Nice Creamy Butter. I hate the grainy shea butte. I did not have that with this Shea. Will buy again!
I have tried other less expensive butters (saving a dollar or so total) and it was so not worth it. This is the only one I have foudn that without having to melt does not end up grainy in my butters. Keep up the good work providing exceptional products!
Wonderful Product. I use this in my soap. The butter adds great moisture to the bars and is also great in body butters.
I've used this as a base for my body butter. It whips up very nicely and is very smooth and creamy. I can't wait to make some other products with it.
This product is great, I usually whip it but it is great melted down or as is!
This is a very moisturizing product, but sometimes I receive some containers that are less refined then others.
This was a great product, and it melts wonderfully into your skin.

note: Do not add liquid colorant when melted because it will bead up and seperate from the butter.
This product is wonderfully silky & I love the way it melts into your skin - very luxurious!
I have ordered refined shea butter from other sources, and it was horrible in comparison to the fresh and wonderfully packaged shea butter from A lovely butter, rich, creamy and perfect for my body butters, soaps, and lotions.
Good quality product. Works great for body butters, oils, scrubs, balms, etc. A great alternative to non refined shea; you can make it whatever fragrance you want!
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