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About Sodium Citrate

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  • Synonyms: Sodium Citrate, Sodium Citrate Granular
  • INCI Name: 6132-04-3
  • CAS: 6132-04-3
  • Einecs: 612-118-5

The Science

  • Viscosity: Solid granular
  • Solublity: Soluble in water
  • Storage: Cool, dark dry area, air tight container preferred


  • Appearance: Fine White Granules
  • Odor: Low to no odor
  • Natural: Synthetic
  • Packaging: 1 Lbs is a single bag, 6 Lb is a single bag, 24 lb is 4 x 6 lb bags, 50 lb is a single 50 lb bag
  • Shelf life: Indefinite, Suggested retest date 5 year from purchase

Usage / Benefits

  • Industries: Personal care, Cosmetics, Cleaning products, Electroplating, Photography, Textiles, Dairy, Water treatment, Laboratory, Paper industry
  • Applications: Buffering agent, Chelating agent, Emulsifying salt, Stabilizer, pH adjustment, Water softener, Coagulation aid, Flavor enhancer, Anticoagulant in blood plasma, Preservative, Textile dyeing, Electrolyte replenishment, Metal cleaning, Complexing agent
  • Benefits: Improves texture, Enhances flavor, Stabilizes acidic foods, Prevents crystallization, Enhances solubility, Preserves cosmetics, Prolongs product shelf-life, Improves skin feel in cosmetics, Acts as a natural preservative, Reduces metal ion impact, Facilitates controlled release in products, Aids in pH balance, Enhances product stability.
  • Products Uses: Buffering agent, Emulsifier, Anticoagulant in blood transfusions, Acidulant in beverages, Stabilizer in ice cream, Preservative in cosmetics, Chelating agent, Alkalizing agent, Sour salt in culinary applications, Flavor enhancer in confectionery, Softening agent in water treatment.
  • Safety: Generally safe, however keep out of eyes and do not eat.
  • Cautions: Not for ingestion, keep away from pets and children who may attempt to eat.
  • External Use Only: Even if food grade, we do not provide items for ingestion, all of our items are for external use only.

Sodium Citrate

Due to Sodium Citrate being a conjugate base of a weak acid it can be used as a buffering agent which resists changes in pH. Sodium Citrate is used to control acidity in certain substances such as such as gelatin desserts. When antacids such as Alka-Seltzer are dissolved in water Sodium Citrate is the compound that is the product of these substances.

Sodium Citrate is used as an anticoagulant in the preservation and transfusion of blood in blood banks and in blood collection tubes. It is an anticoagulant because the citrate ion chelates the calcium ions in the blood which disrupts the blood clotting mechanism.

Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and with a wire whisk mix the mixture. Heat some water and place the bottle of oil in the warm water to melt the oil. Carefully and slowly add the oil to the dry ingredients and then add the fragrance. Mix thoroughly. Take 1 tbsp of the mixture and form it with your hands into balls. You can also press them into molds such as the molds used for small chocolate candies. If you do use the molds, put them in the freezer until the bath bombs are hard and can be popped out.

Allow the balls to sit for 2-3 hours on a sheet of waxed paper. Carefully and gently reshape if necessary. Allow the bath bombs to harden and dry out for 24 to 48 hours. Due to their fragility, package each bomb in it's individual closed container or cellophane bag in order to keep them fresh. When ready to take a bath drop one of the bath bombs into warm bath water and it will release oils and fragrance.

Sodium Citrate, a sodium salt of citric acid, is known for its versatile applications, particularly in the personal care, soap making, and cosmetic industries. Its neutralizing and chelating properties make it a sought-after ingredient in various formulations. With its wide-ranging benefits, Sodium Citrate has become a staple in many products that are part of daily life.

Personal Care Products

Within the realm of personal care, Sodium Citrate plays a vital role in enhancing product functionality and user experience. Its applications extend to a multitude of areas:

Stabilization and pH Adjustment

Sodium Citrate acts as a buffering agent, helping to stabilize and adjust the pH level of personal care products. This ensures that products remain gentle on the skin and maintain their efficacy over time.

Chelating Agent

As a chelating agent, Sodium Citrate binds to metal ions, preventing discoloration and rancidity, thus extending the shelf life of products.

Enhancing Sensory Experience

Sodium Citrate contributes to the overall sensory experience, improving the texture and feel of lotions, creams, and other skincare products.

Soap Making

Sodium Citrate is a crucial component in soap making. It offers several benefits that enhance the quality and appeal of handcrafted soaps:

pH Balancing

It helps in maintaining the ideal pH level of soaps, ensuring that they are gentle on the skin.

Water Softening

Sodium Citrate softens water, improving lathering and allowing soaps to rinse off easily without leaving any residue.

Enhanced Transparency

In transparent soap making, Sodium Citrate contributes to clarity, creating aesthetically pleasing transparent soaps.

Cosmetic Making

The cosmetic industry also utilizes Sodium Citrate in various innovative ways:

Texture Enhancer

In cosmetic formulations, Sodium Citrate is used to enhance the texture and spreadability of products such as foundations and creams.

Stabilizing Emulsions

It acts as an emulsion stabilizer, ensuring that oil and water components in creams and lotions remain uniformly mixed.


Sodium Citrate's chelating properties also contribute to the preservation of cosmetic products, preventing spoilage and maintaining quality.

Sodium Citrate Uses

Personal Care Products

Sodium Citrate is used to stabilize and adjust the pH level of personal care products, ensuring their gentleness on the skin and extended shelf life.

Soap Making

  • pH Balancing:

    Helps maintain the ideal pH level in soaps.
  • Water Softening:

    Acts as a water softener, enhancing lathering and rinsing.
  • Enhancing Transparency:

    Contributes to clarity in transparent soaps.

Cosmetic Making

  • Texture Enhancer:

    Used to improve texture and spreadability in cosmetic products.
  • Emulsion Stabilization:

    Stabilizes emulsions in creams and lotions.
  • Preservation:

    Acts as a chelating agent to preserve quality and prevent spoilage.

Food Industry

Utilized as a flavor enhancer, emulsifier, and preservative in various food products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Serves as a buffering agent, controlling the pH in medicinal products, and is also used as an anticoagulant in blood collection tubes.

Water Treatment

Employed in water treatment processes to soften water and remove magnesium and calcium ions.

Industrial Applications

Used in various industrial processes, including as a concrete retarder in construction and as a complexing agent in electroplating.

Sodium Citrate Benefits

Buffering Capabilities

Sodium citrate acts as an effective pH buffer, ensuring products maintain a consistent pH level. This stability is essential in many formulations to keep products safe and effective over time.

Emulsifying Properties

Its unique composition enables it to act as an emulsifier, helping in the mixing of oils and water, commonly required in cosmetic and personal care formulations.

Safe Anticoagulant

In medical settings, sodium citrate is utilized as an anticoagulant for blood transfusions and donations, ensuring blood does not clot prematurely.

Flavor Enhancement

Its mild salty and sour taste can enhance the natural flavors of foods and drinks without overpowering them.

Texture Improvement

In the food industry, especially in ice creams and sorbets, sodium citrate can help in achieving a smooth texture by preventing the formation of large ice crystals.

Chelating Abilities

Sodium citrate can bind with metal ions, acting as a chelating agent. This property is particularly beneficial in cosmetics and personal care products where it helps in stabilizing and improving the efficacy of the product.

Preservative Qualities

Its ability to prevent microbial growth makes it a valued preservative in many cosmetic products, prolonging their shelf life.


Sodium Citrate Formula

Sodium Citrate is a chemical compound with a formula that reflects its composition:

1. Chemical Composition

The chemical formula for Sodium Citrate is C6H5Na3O7.

2. Molecular Structure

Sodium Citrate consists of carbon atoms (C), hydrogen atoms (H), sodium atoms (Na), and oxygen atoms (O). Its molecular structure includes a chain of citric acid units.

3. Functional Groups

Sodium Citrate contains carboxyl groups and hydroxyl groups, contributing to its properties as a chelating agent and pH regulator.

Applications of Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate's formula represents its molecular composition, highlighting its utility as a multifunctional ingredient in various industries beyond the realm of food.

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