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Sodium Bisulfate Anhydrous

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About Sodium Bisulfate

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  • Synonyms: Sodium Bisulfate, Nitre cake, GBS, Sodium acid sulfate, Nitre cake, Sodium hydrogen sulfate
  • INCI Name: Sodium Bisulfate
  • CAS: 7681-38-1
  • Einecs: n/a

The Science

  • Viscosity: Solid
  • Solublity: Soluble in water
  • Storage: Cool, dark dry area, air tight container preferred


  • Appearance: Fine white grains
  • Odor: ??
  • Natural: Synthetic
  • Packaging: 1 Lbs is a single bag, 6 Lb is a single bag, 50 lb is a single 50 lb bag
  • Shelf life: Suggested retest date 2 year from purchase

Usage / Benefits

  • Industries: Food industry, cleaning product manufacturing, water treatment, leather tanning, swimming pool maintenance, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile industry.
  • Applications: Acidity regulator in food products, stain remover in household cleaning products, pH adjustment in water treatment, tanning agent in the leather industry, pH reducer in swimming pools and spas, catalyst in chemical reactions, descaling agent in industrial processes, pH adjustment in textile dyeing processes.
  • Benefits: Effective acidity regulator, strong cleaning agent, efficient pH adjustment in water treatment, economical tanning agent in leather, rapid pH reducer in pools, useful catalyst in chemical reactions, effective descaling agent, low-cost pH adjustment in textiles.
  • Products Uses: Acidity regulation in food processing, stain and scale removal in household cleaners, pH adjustment in water treatment plants, tanning processes in the leather industry, pH balancing in swimming pools and spas, catalyst in various chemical syntheses, descaling in industrial boilers, pH control in textile dyeing and finishing processes.
  • Safety: Generally safe, however keep out of eyes and do not eat.
  • Cautions: Not for ingestion, keep away from pets and children who may attempt to eat.
  • External Use Only: Even if food grade, we do not provide items for ingestion, all of our items are for external use only.

Sodium Bisulfate

Sodium bisulfate is a common ionic compound made from the combination of sodium, hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen ions. Although it is acidic and can be dangerous in high concentrations, sodium bisulfate is also an incredibly useful substance. Many of our common household products and processed foods use sodium bisulfate as a key ingredient for cleaning and preservation purposes.

Sodium bisulfate, known chemically as NaHSOâ‚„, is a white, granular or crystalline solid that is typically encountered as the monohydrate. It is an acidic salt derived from the combination of a sodium ion and a bisulfate ion. While it has various applications in different industries, its role in personal care, soap making, and cosmetic manufacturing is often overshadowed by its more popular uses. In this overview, we delve into the unique characteristics and applications of sodium bisulfate in these specific industries.

Chemical Properties

Sodium bisulfate is characterized by its strong acidic nature, which can be attributed to the presence of the bisulfate ion. When dissolved in water, it releases hydrogen ions, leading to a decrease in pH. This property is often harnessed in various applications, especially in pH adjustment processes. Its solubility in water is also relatively high, making it a versatile ingredient in liquid formulations.

Applications in Personal Care and Cosmetics

1. pH Adjuster

One of the primary roles of sodium bisulfate in personal care and cosmetic products is as a pH adjuster. The pH level of a product can influence its stability, appearance, and performance. For products that require a more acidic environment, sodium bisulfate is added to bring down the pH to the desired level. This can be crucial in formulations like hair dyes, where a specific pH can affect the dye's penetration and color retention.

2. Exfoliant

Due to its acidic nature, sodium bisulfate can act as a chemical exfoliant. In certain cosmetic formulations, it can assist in the removal of dead skin cells, promoting skin rejuvenation and a smoother skin texture. However, it's essential to note that its use as an exfoliant is less common compared to other acids like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

3. Bath Bombs and Fizzies

In the realm of bath products, sodium bisulfate is sometimes used as a substitute for citric acid in bath bombs and fizzies. Its reaction with bicarbonate in the presence of water releases carbon dioxide, leading to the characteristic fizzing action. Moreover, its ability to adjust pH can influence the feel of the bathwater and the overall bathing experience.

Applications in Soap Making

1. Hardening Agent

Sodium bisulfate can act as a hardening agent in certain soap formulations. By adjusting the pH, it can influence the saponification process, potentially leading to a harder soap bar with a longer shelf life.

2. Color Stabilizer

The pH level of a soap can affect the stability and appearance of some colorants. By using sodium bisulfate to tweak the pH, soap makers can achieve more vibrant and long-lasting colors in their products.

Considerations and Precautions

While sodium bisulfate offers several benefits in personal care and cosmetic formulations, it's essential to handle and use it with care. Due to its acidic nature, it can be irritating to the skin and eyes, especially in higher concentrations. It's crucial to wear protective gear when handling the raw material and to ensure that the final product is well-formulated to avoid adverse reactions. Moreover, it's always a good practice to conduct patch tests when introducing new products containing sodium bisulfate to the market.

Sodium Bisulfate Uses

Cleaning Products

  • Stain and Scale Removal:

    Used in household cleaners to effectively remove stains and scaling.

Water Treatment

  • pH Adjustment:

    Applied in water treatment processes to adjust and control the pH level.

Leather Tanning Industry

  • Tanning Agent:

    Used in the leather industry for the tanning process.

Swimming Pools and Spas

  • pH Balancing:

    Utilized to decrease the pH of water in swimming pools and spas.

Chemical Industry

  • Catalyst:

    Acts as a catalyst in various chemical reactions.
  • Descaling Agent:

    Employed as a descaling agent in industrial boilers and equipment.

Textile Industry

  • pH Control:

    Used in textile dyeing and finishing processes for pH control.

Sodium Bisulfate Benefits

Effective Acidity Regulation

Used in the food industry, it serves as an effective acidity regulator, maintaining the desired pH levels in food products.

Strong Cleaning Agent

Acts as a powerful stain and scale remover in household and industrial cleaning products.

Efficient pH Adjustment in Water Treatment

Utilized in water treatment processes to efficiently control and adjust the pH level, enhancing water quality.

Economical Tanning Agent

Employed in the leather industry, it serves as an economical tanning agent in leather processing.

Rapid pH Reducer in Pools

Used in swimming pools and spas, it provides a rapid means of reducing pH to maintain optimal water balance.

Useful Catalyst in Chemical Reactions

Acts as a catalyst in various chemical syntheses, enabling certain reactions to occur more readily.

Effective Descaling Agent

Utilized in industrial boilers and equipment, it works as an effective descaling agent, removing mineral deposits and preventing scaling.

Low-Cost pH Adjustment in Textiles

Used in textile dyeing and finishing processes, it offers a low-cost option for pH control, ensuring optimal processing conditions.


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