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Sodium Citrate - Granular

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Sodium Citrate - Granular, Safety Data Sheet


Anticoagulant used as a buffer. Helps to adjust the acidity of products. Due to Sodium Citrate being a conjugate base of a weak acid it can be used as a buffering agent which resists changes in pH. Sodium Citrate is used to control acidity in certain substances such as such as gelatin desserts. When antacids such as Alka-Seltzer are dissolved in water Sodium Citrate is the compound that is the product of these substances.

Sodium Citrate is used as an anticoagulant in the preservation and transfusion of blood in blood banks and in blood collection tubes. It is an anticoagulant because the citrate ion chelates the calcium ions in the blood which disrupts the blood clotting mechanism.

Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and with a wire whisk mix the mixture. Heat some water and place the bottle of oil in the warm water to melt the oil.

Carefully and slowly add the oil to the dry ingredients and then add the fragrance. Mix thoroughly. Take 1 tbsp of the mixture and form it with your hands into balls. You can also press them into molds such as the molds used for small chocolate candies. If you do use the molds, put them in the freezer until the bath bombs are hard and can be popped out.

Allow the balls to sit for 2-3 hours on a sheet of waxed paper. Carefully and gently reshape if necessary. Allow the bath bombs to harden and dry out for 24 to 48 hours. Due to their fragility, package each bomb in it's individual closed container or cellophane bag in order to keep them fresh. When ready to take a bath drop one of the bath bombs into warm bath water and it will release oils and fragrance.




Other Names: Trisodium citrate, Sodium Citrate Dihydrate
CAS: 6132-04-3
Appearance: Fine White Granules
Solubility: Soluble
Natural or Synthetic: Synthetic
Recommended Retest or Shelf Life: Indefinite
Storage: Cool Dark Place


Not for Ingestion.

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Safety Data Sheet (Sodium-Citrate.pdf, 99 Kb) [Download]