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Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

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About Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein


  • Synonyms: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  • INCI Name: Hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • CAS: 94350-06-8 / 222400-28-4 / 70084-87-6
  • Einecs: 305-225-0

The Science

  • Viscosity: Runny liquid
  • Solublity: Water Soluble, not soluble in oil
  • Storage: Cool, dark dry area, air tight container preferred


  • Appearance: Amber liquid
  • Odor: Faint odor
  • Natural: Natural, derived from wheat
  • Packaging: .25 lbs is s single cylinder, 1 Lb is single container, 4 Lb is a single container, 20 lb is 5 x 4 lb.
  • Shelf life: Suggested retest date 1 year from purchase

Usage / Benefits

  • Industries: Personal Care, Cosmetics, Hair Care, Skin Care, Bath Products, Beauty and Wellness, Natural and Organic Products
  • Applications: Hair conditioners, Hair shampoos, Leave-in hair treatments, Hair serums, Hair masks, Skin moisturizers, Face serums, Anti-aging creams, Facial cleansers, Body lotions, Hand creams, Nail strengtheners, Mascara, Lipsticks, Foundations, Sunscreens, Shower gels, Soaps, Bath bombs, After-shave products, Men's grooming products, Baby care products, Makeup primers.
  • Benefits: Moisturizing Effect, Strengthens Hair, Improves Skin's Texture, Enhances Product Texture, Repairing Properties, Compatibility and Versatility, Natural Appeal
  • Products Uses: Strengthening shampoos, Moisturizing conditioners, Hair repair masks, Curl-enhancing creams, Frizz control serums, Volumizing hair sprays, Smoothing hair treatments, Hydrating face creams, Anti-wrinkle serums, Firming face masks, Skin-soothing lotions, Moisture-rich body butters, Nourishing hand creams, Protective lip balms, Elasticity-improving nail polishes, Lash fortifying mascaras, Hydrating foundations, Smoothing makeup primers, Skin-softening bath gels, Nourishing bar soaps, Gentle baby lotions, Soothing after-shave balms.
  • Safety: Generally safe, however keep out of eyes and do not eat.
  • Cautions: Not for ingestion, keep away from pets and children who may attempt to eat.
  • External Use Only: Even if food grade, we do not provide items for ingestion, all of our items are for external use only.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, a derivative from wheat germ, has grown exponentially in popularity within the personal care and cosmetic industry. Tapping into nature's reservoir, this protein-rich compound offers a plethora of benefits that enhance the texture, appearance, and health of both skin and hair. In this dive into Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, we'll explore its origin, benefits, and applications, underscoring its pivotal role in modern formulations.

Understanding Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Derived from wheat germ, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein undergoes a process called hydrolysis, where it is broken down into smaller protein fragments. This hydrolysis enhances its solubility in water and its ability to penetrate and nourish the skin and hair more effectively. Its natural affinity for moisture and its film-forming properties make it a sought-after ingredient in numerous personal care and cosmetic products.

Benefits in Personal Care

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein's presence in a product often signifies enhanced quality and effectiveness. Here's why:

  • Moisture Retention: Acting as a natural humectant, it attracts moisture to the skin and hair, ensuring lasting hydration.
  • Film Forming: It creates a breathable film on the skin and hair, offering protection from environmental stressors without clogging pores or weighing hair down.
  • Elasticity & Strength: For hair especially, it aids in reducing breakage and maintaining elasticity, leading to stronger, more resilient strands.
  • Skin Soothing: Its natural properties help soothe and calm irritated skin, making it a fit for sensitive skin formulations.

Role in Soap Making

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein's addition to soaps enhances both the user experience and the beneficial properties of the soap:

  • Improved Lather: It can boost the lather quality of soaps, producing a creamier, more luxurious foam.
  • Moisture Boost: Soaps can often be drying; however, with the inclusion of this protein, they offer enhanced moisture retention, leaving the skin feeling supple post-cleansing.
  • Enhanced Texture: The protein can impart a smoother, more refined texture to soaps, enhancing their tactile appeal.

Incorporation in Cosmetics

From foundations to mascaras, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein has found its way into an array of cosmetic products:

  • Texture Enhancement: Its inclusion can improve the spreadability and overall feel of cosmetics, ensuring a smooth application.
  • Long-Lasting Hydration: In products like lipsticks or foundations, it ensures the end product doesn't dry out the skin or lips, maintaining a fresh appearance throughout the day.
  • Strengthens Lashes: In mascaras, it can fortify lashes, making them appear fuller and less prone to breakage.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Uses

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is a protein extracted from wheat germ and then hydrolyzed to break down into smaller molecules. This ingredient is known for its moisturizing, film-forming, and conditioning properties, making it suitable for various applications, particularly in the personal care industry.

Hair Care Products

  • Shampoos: Adds strength, moisture, and shine to the hair, while helping to repair damage.
  • Conditioners: Provides nourishment and improves hair manageability by smoothing the hair cuticle.
  • Hair Treatments: Used in masks and serums to restore elasticity and reduce breakage.

Skin Care Products

  • Moisturizers: Helps to maintain skin's moisture balance, making the skin feel soft and supple.
  • Cleansers: Works as a gentle cleansing agent without stripping the skin's natural oils.
  • Face Masks: Enhances skin's texture and appearance by providing nourishment and hydration.

Cosmetic Products

  • Foundations: Improves texture and adherence, offering a smooth application.
  • Mascaras: Contributes to volume and thickness without making the lashes feel heavy.
  • Lip Products: Adds a soft and silky feel to lipsticks and glosses.

Bath and Body Products

  • Body Lotions: Provides hydration and a smooth feel to the skin.
  • Bath Products: Enhances the nourishing properties of bath oils, salts, and bubbles.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Benefits

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is known for its diverse benefits in personal care and cosmetics. Derived from wheat germ, this protein undergoes hydrolysis to break it down into smaller peptides, enhancing its functional properties. Here's an overview of its primary benefits:

Moisturizing Effect

It acts as a powerful humectant, attracting moisture to the skin and hair. This keeps them hydrated, soft, and supple, making it an essential ingredient in moisturizers, conditioners, and lotions.

Strengthens Hair

In hair care products, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein penetrates the hair shaft, reinforcing it and enhancing its elasticity. This helps in reducing breakage and improving overall hair health.

Improves Skin's Texture

For the skin, it provides nourishment and hydration, improving its texture and appearance. It helps in maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance, making it feel smooth and revitalized.

Enhances Product Texture

Utilized in various cosmetic products, it improves texture and application, offering a smooth and silky feel in products like foundations, mascaras, and lip products.

Repairing Properties

Its ability to assist in repairing damaged hair and skin makes Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein an essential ingredient in treatments, masks, and serums aimed at restoration and rejuvenation.

Compatibility and Versatility

Compatible with a wide array of other ingredients, it's a versatile component in various formulations, whether in hair care, skin care, or other personal care products.

Natural Appeal

Its origin from wheat aligns with the consumer preference for natural and botanical ingredients, adding to the appeal of 'green' or 'organic' product lines.


Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in Skincare

Understanding Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is derived from wheat germ. It undergoes a hydrolysis process, where the protein is broken down into smaller peptide fragments. This results in a water-soluble protein mixture that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Benefits for the Skin

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein offers numerous advantages when incorporated into skincare products:

  • Moisturization: It acts as a potent humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and helping to retain it, leading to hydration and reduced dryness.
  • Improves Skin Texture: Its film-forming properties can help smoothen the skin's surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Elasticity Boost: By enhancing skin's firmness and elasticity, it can impart a youthful and supple appearance.
  • Pore Minimization: It aids in refining skin texture, leading to the appearance of smaller pores.

Applications in Skincare

Due to its versatile benefits, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is included in various skincare formulations:

  1. Facial serums and moisturizers for hydration and firmness.
  2. Anti-aging products to combat wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.
  3. Face masks aimed at nourishing and revitalizing the skin.
  4. Body lotions and creams for overall skin hydration.

Considerations and Tips

To ensure safe and effective use of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in skincare, consider the following:

  • Allergy Concerns: Those with gluten sensitivities or allergies might react to products containing Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. Always conduct a patch test before widespread use.
  • Concentration: Ensure you follow the recommended concentration levels when incorporating it into DIY skincare formulations.
  • Storage: Skincare products containing this protein should be stored in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight to preserve their efficacy.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in Shampoo

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a popular ingredient in many hair care products, especially shampoos. Derived from wheat germ, this protein undergoes a process to break it down into smaller peptides, making it more accessible for hair to absorb.

Benefits for Hair

The inclusion of hydrolyzed wheat protein in shampoos offers a myriad of benefits:

  • Moisture Retention: It acts as a humectant, helping the hair retain moisture and preventing it from becoming dry and brittle.
  • Strength and Resilience: The protein fortifies hair strands, making them more resilient to breakage and damage from external factors.
  • Improved Elasticity: Hair becomes more elastic and flexible, reducing the chances of breakage during styling or brushing.
  • Smoothness: It can help smoothen the hair cuticle, leading to shinier and softer hair.

Who Can Benefit?

While hydrolyzed wheat protein shampoos can be beneficial for many, they are especially advantageous for:

  • Damaged Hair: Hair that has been subjected to frequent heat styling, chemical treatments, or environmental aggressors can benefit from the reparative properties of this protein.
  • Curly or Wavy Hair: Such hair types, which are naturally more prone to dryness, can gain added hydration and elasticity.
  • Fine Hair: The protein can add volume and thickness without weighing the hair down.


While hydrolyzed wheat protein is generally safe, some points to consider include:

  • Sensitivity: Some individuals might have sensitivity or allergies to wheat or its derivatives. It's advisable to perform a patch test before using products containing hydrolyzed wheat protein.
  • Over-proteinization: Just as our skin can be over-moisturized, hair can suffer from too much protein. If hair starts feeling stiff or straw-like, it might be a sign to cut back on protein treatments or products.


Hydrolyzed wheat protein shampoos can be a transformative addition to a hair care routine, especially for those seeking stronger, shinier, and more resilient hair. However, always monitor how your hair responds and adjust product usage accordingly.

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