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Lecithin - Unbleached Fluid

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About Lecithin


  • Synonyms: Lecithin
  • INCI Name: Lecithin
  • CAS: 8002-43-5
  • Einecs: 232-307-2

The Science

  • Viscosity: Thick liquid
  • Solublity: Low Solubility in Water
  • Storage: Cool, dark dry area, air tight container preferred


  • Appearance: Dark Brown Viscous Liquid
  • Odor: Strong, Characteristic
  • Natural: Natural, Lecithin can be any of a group of fatty substances that occur in plant and animal tissues and in egg yolk. Lecithin is an important part of cell membranes and is totally metabolized in the body. Lecithin contains a mix of a variety of phospholipids and the composition of the lecithin is dependent on the origin of the lecithin. Soybean oil is a very important source of lecithin
  • Packaging: 1 Lb - Single Container, 7 Lb - Single Container, 28 Lb - 4 x 7 lb containers, 50 lb - single container, 1000 lb - 20 x 50 lb containers
  • Shelf life: Suggested retest date 1 year from purchase

Usage / Benefits

  • Industries: Personal Care and Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Animal Feed, Paints and Coatings, Textile, Industrial Lubricants, Biomedical Research, Aquaculture.
  • Applications: Stabilizer in medicines, softgel encapsulation, emollient and emulsifier in creams, lotions, shampoos, component in dietary supplements, nutritional additive in animal feed, dispersing agent in paint and coatings, lubricant and softening agent in textiles, lubricant in machinery, used in various natural therapies and treatments.
  • Benefits: Natural emulsifier, Promotes homogenization in chocolates and confectioneries, Improves brain health (phosphatidylcholine content), Facilitates lipid absorption in the digestive system, Acts as a dispersing agent in paints and coatings, Provides skin hydration in cosmetics, Stabilizes formulations in personal care products, Reduces viscosity in certain industrial applications, Offers non-toxic lubrication, Enhances feed digestibility in aquaculture, Serves as a wetting agent in textile industry.
  • Products Uses: Emulsifier in food products, thickening agent in cosmetics, wetting agent in textiles, dispersing agent in paints, dietary supplement ingredient, anti-spattering agent in cooking oils, feed additive in animal nutrition, lubricant in machinery, natural therapy ingredient in alternative medicine.
  • Safety: Generally safe, however keep out of eyes and do not eat.
  • Cautions: Not for ingestion, keep away from pets and children who may attempt to eat.
  • External Use Only: Even if food grade, we do not provide items for ingestion, all of our items are for external use only.


Mainly used in production of soaps and cosmetics. Lecithin is used in cosmetics as an emollient, emulsifier and a natural antioxidant. As a phospholipid, Lecithin has excellent water binding capabilities. Due to its love of oil and water, Lecithin is great at replenishing the acid mantle on the skin as well as attracting water to the skin and so makes a great moisturizer.

It is also a spreading agent and helps products to be more smooth and spreadable on the skin. Lecithin is considered to be a non-toxic and well tolerated surfactant.

Lecithin, a naturally occurring mixture of phospholipids, is a versatile ingredient that has found its place in a wide range of industries. Beyond its applications in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, lecithin has carved a niche in the realms of personal care, soap making, and cosmetic production. This article delves into the significance, benefits, and applications of lecithin in these specific industries.

Origin and Composition

Lecithin is primarily extracted from soybeans, though it can also be derived from other sources like sunflower seeds and egg yolks. Its primary components are phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, and phosphatidylinositol. The amphiphilic nature of lecithin - possessing both water-attracting (hydrophilic) and water-repelling (hydrophobic) properties - is the cornerstone of its diverse applications.

Lecithin in Personal Care Products

In the world of personal care, lecithin is prized for its moisturizing and emulsifying properties. When incorporated into lotions, creams, and other skincare formulations, it aids in:

  • Moisturization: Lecithin's liposomal structure allows it to enhance skin's hydration by reducing transepidermal water loss, leading to softer and more supple skin.
  • Emulsification: As an emulsifier, it helps in blending water and oil phases of a product, ensuring a consistent and stable formulation.
  • Texture Enhancement: Lecithin imparts a smooth and luxurious feel to products, improving the overall sensory experience for the user.

Lecithin in Soap Making

For artisans and manufacturers in the soap-making industry, lecithin acts as a valuable addition to the repertoire of ingredients. It offers:

  • Improved Lather: Lecithin can enhance the lather quality of soaps, making them more luxurious and bubbly.
  • Conditioning Properties: By imparting moisturizing attributes, lecithin ensures that the soap doesn't overly strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to a softer skin post-cleansing.
  • Stabilizing Role: It can act as a stabilizer, ensuring the even distribution of ingredients and providing an improved shelf-life to the product.

Lecithin in Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry, ever in pursuit of natural and effective ingredients, finds lecithin a worthy addition. Its benefits in cosmetics include:

  • Liposomal Delivery: Lecithin liposomes can encapsulate active ingredients, ensuring deeper penetration and increased efficacy.
  • Viscosity Control: In products like mascaras or liquid foundations, lecithin can help adjust and maintain the desired consistency.
  • Natural Appeal: As consumers gravitate towards natural ingredients, lecithin, being plant-derived, adds to the natural appeal of cosmetic products.

Lecithin Uses

Cosmetic Industry

In cosmetics, lecithin acts as an emollient and emulsifier, providing a smooth texture to creams, lotions, and shampoos, and enhancing skin hydration.

Animal Feed

Used as a nutritional additive in animal feed, lecithin enhances digestion and improves the overall health of livestock and pets.

Paint Industry

As a dispersing agent in paint and coatings, lecithin ensures a smooth and uniform texture, preventing pigment clumping.

Textile Industry

Lecithin serves as a lubricant and softening agent in textiles, making fabrics more pliable and easier to process.

Industrial Applications

In various industrial applications, lecithin is used as a lubricant for machinery and as an anti-corrosion agent in metalworking fluids.

Alternative Medicine

Lecithin is used in natural therapies and treatments for its potential health benefits, such as supporting liver function and cholesterol management.

Lecithin Benefits

Health Benefits

Lecithin is known for its potential health benefits, such as improving heart health, aiding in digestion, and supporting liver function. It may also contribute to better cognitive function and cholesterol management.

Cosmetic Benefits

In cosmetic products, lecithin serves as an emollient and emulsifier, helping to enhance skin hydration, provide a smooth texture, and maintain product stability.

Pharmaceutical Benefits

Utilized as a stabilizer and softgel encapsulation in pharmaceuticals, lecithin ensures uniform distribution of active ingredients and improves drug delivery.

Industrial Applications

In various industrial sectors, lecithin's lubricating properties help reduce friction in machinery, prevent corrosion, and contribute to the production of smooth and uniform coatings and paints.

Animal Nutrition Benefits

As a feed additive in animal nutrition, lecithin enhances digestion, promotes the absorption of nutrients, and contributes to the overall health and growth of livestock and pets.

Environmental Benefits

Lecithin's natural origin and biodegradable properties make it an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic chemicals in many applications.


Lecithin - Unbleached Fluid for Hair

Lecithin, a naturally occurring group of phospholipids, is often integrated into beauty products for its moisturizing and emulsifying properties. In its unbleached fluid form, it serves as an invaluable asset in the realm of hair care.

Understanding Lecithin

Lecithin is a fatty substance that can be sourced from various plants and animal tissues. Unbleached fluid lecithin retains more of its natural properties, offering enhanced benefits for hair care applications.

Benefits of Lecithin - Unbleached Fluid for Hair

The inclusion of unbleached fluid lecithin in hair products brings about a myriad of benefits:

  • Moisturization: Lecithin nourishes and hydrates the hair shaft, combating dryness and brittleness.
  • Improved Texture: It imparts a smoother texture to hair, making it more manageable and reducing frizz.
  • Scalp Health: Its moisturizing properties can be beneficial for dry and irritated scalps, promoting overall scalp health.
  • Strengthening: Lecithin can enhance the hair's natural protective barrier, reducing the likelihood of damage and breakage.
  • Emulsifying Agent: In formulations, it helps in blending water and oil components, ensuring product stability and effectiveness.

Considerations When Using Lecithin - Unbleached Fluid

As with all hair care ingredients, there are considerations to be mindful of when using unbleached fluid lecithin:

  • Purity: Unbleached fluid lecithin is less processed, which means it may have a more pronounced natural odor or color that some users might find off-putting.
  • Storage: Due to its natural and less refined nature, it may require specific storage conditions to retain its efficacy and prevent rancidity.
  • Sensitivity: While generally well-tolerated, some individuals might be sensitive to lecithin. Always conduct a patch test when trying a new product.

Lecithin - unbleached fluid offers a natural, nourishing solution for enhancing hair health and appearance. Its benefits are manifold, and with the right considerations, it can be a remarkable addition to hair care routines.

Lecithin - Unbleached Fluid in Skincare

What is Lecithin?

Lecithin is a lipid (fat) that is found in both plant and animal sources. In skincare, plant-derived lecithin is often used, particularly from sources like soy or sunflower. The term "unbleached" suggests that the lecithin retains its natural color and has not undergone a bleaching process to refine or lighten it.

Benefits of Unbleached Fluid Lecithin in Skincare

Unbleached fluid lecithin offers a range of advantages when incorporated into skincare products:

  • Moisturization: Lecithin acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and helping to retain it, which makes skin feel smoother and more hydrated.
  • Restorative Properties: Its fatty acid content aids in replenishing the skin's lipid barrier, promoting healthier skin.
  • Emulsification: Lecithin is commonly used as a natural emulsifier in cosmetics, helping to blend water and oil-based ingredients together seamlessly.
  • Enhanced Absorption: It can improve the skin's ability to absorb other ingredients, making products more effective.

Usage in Skincare Formulations

When integrating unbleached fluid lecithin into skincare formulations:

  1. Ensure the product is well-blended, especially if lecithin is being used as an emulsifier.
  2. It's typically incorporated into the oil phase of emulsions.
  3. As with all ingredients, it's important to use lecithin in recommended dosages.

Considerations and Precautions

While unbleached fluid lecithin is generally considered safe for cosmetic use, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Allergic Reactions: Individuals with allergies, particularly to soy, should perform a patch test prior to using products containing lecithin.
  • Storage: Lecithin should be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain its stability and efficacy.
  • Sourcing: Ensure the lecithin used in formulations is of cosmetic grade and sourced responsibly.

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