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Patchouli Dark Essential Oil

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Patchouli Dark, Safety Data Sheet

Botanical Name: Pogostemon Cablin
Plant Part: Leaves
Origin: Indonesia
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Description: Patchouli is a very fragrant herb with soft oval leaves and square stems. It grows from 2 to 3 feet in height and provides an unusual odor that is nonetheless characteristic of patchouli when the leaves are rubbed. The color of the patchouli oil is affected by the distillation machine. If distillation is done in a stainless steel vessel the color of the oil will be light, but if done in an iron vessel the color will be darker.
Color: Golden orange to dark reddish brown viscous liquid.
Consistency: Thick
Note: Base
Aromatic Fragrance: Patchouli has a warm, earthy aroma with fresh fruit - like tones.
Aromatic Strength: Medium
Common Applications:
Typically Used By: Fragrance industry, Cosmetic Industry.
Storage Directions: Essential Oils should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Essential Oils should be stored in colored glass, the most common storage method being used today are Boston Round Bottles in the amber tint.
Blends Well With: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Rose, Orange, Cassia, Myrrh and Opoponax
Cautions: Patchouli is a sedative in smaller amount but stimulating in large amounts. it may cause loss of appetite. Its challengingly powerful aromas may have a variety of association.

This is simply the best patchouli oil out there. It is strong and true. If you are a fan you will love this!
I have bought this from mamy different place and this was my first time at SG. I made CP cupcakes with this as one of the oils and it turned out the best so far! Deb
This is a dark fragrance that rounds out well when you mix with other fragrances, I suggest white grapefruit, orange, or myrrh for a fragrance that would appeal to a man. Good to have in your supply if your crafter.
They call Patchouli "hippy perfume", but I like it blended with sweet orange. The orange balances out the bitterness in patchouli to make for a really nice scent.
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