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Blood Orange Essential Oil

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Blood Orange, Safety Data Sheet

Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis
Plant Part: Crude Fruit Peel
Origin: Italy
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Description: Citrus sinensis is a middle-sized evergreen tree, covered with bark of a greenish-brown color, having auxiliary spines on the branches. The leaves are alternate, ovate-oblong, acute, shining green, the stalk more or less winged. The blood orange has streaks of red in the fruit, and when squeezed the juice is often reddish.
Color: Oily reddish-orange to orange liquid
Consistency: Light
Note: Middle
Aromatic Fragrance: Blood Orange essential oil has a warm, fresh citrus scent, radiant, fruity and tangy.
Aromatic Strength: Medium
Common Applications: considered the most antidepressant of the citrus oils. Antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, cordial, deodorant, digestive, stimulant (nervous), tonic (cardiac, circulatory).
Typically Used By:
Storage Directions: Essential Oils should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Essential Oils should be stored in colored glass, the most common storage method being used today are Boston Round Bottles in the amber tint.
Blends Well With: Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage, Myrrh and Nutmeg and Clove Bud.
Cautions: No known toxicity. Avoid exposure to sunlight after skin application due to possible photo toxicity.

To me blood orange has a richer smell than a regular citrus, not sharper, just deeper. Can't wait to use it in my baths. Went on a spree and ordered tons of the smallest sizes of oils and they were all great!
This EO has a bit more depth than regular orange EO. The color is nice as well
I use this in my body scrubs, smells very fresh and invigorating!
This variety of orange adds is a unique twist to botanical perfumes, not only stronger in scent than traditional sweet orange, but adds nice color to your blend. Looks especially lovely in clear glass perfume bottles.
I love, love Blood Orange! It smells wonderful, and it will impart a lovely orange color to any products you use it in.
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